Tuesday, November 03, 2009

2nd Annual Pilot Mountain Trip

I set a goal last year to make it an annual tradition.
And so far we're two for two!

We took another trip to Pilot Mountain on the
end-of-quarter Teacher Workday.

Caroline has grown a bit in the past year.

Here she is with her daddy last year.
We hiked around with her in the baby bjorn.
Ha! Way too big for that now.
And she's much more squirmy, too.

We enjoyed the beautiful views again.

Tried to get artistic with our photography.

Snapped some family photos.

Between Whitney's crooked smile and...

Caroline's dirty looks, it was difficult to get a good one.

Hey, I thought you were supposed to look good
when you had wind blowing through your hair.
Apparently someone forget to tell my
wild and crazy mane about that.

My other artsy shot.

Andrew's nature photo

HIS hair looks good despite the wind. Lucky.

The three kiddios on our hike.

I'm the queen of "While we're here, we might as well...."
So we stopped at SciWorks.
Brandon and Flat Stanley were dangerously close
to being eaten by a dinosaur.

Whit had fun with mirror optical illusions.

They had an exhibit on aging.
It said this is what I'll look like when I'm 57.
FIFTY-SEVEN, friends.
I never thought I'd want plastic surgery,
but I'm going to start saving my fun money right now.
Those bags have got to go. I look like I'm 90, right?

And we made one last stop: Our favorite Chuck E. Cheese.
It was an historic visit.
Caroline won her first bonus!
She definitely fits in with this family.


The Oregonians said...

A great variety of pictures.
Happy 2059.

shelley said...

aaaaahhhhh! i think i would worry so much that that's how i would look at 57 that the stress of it all would be what would make me look that way at 57. maybe that's their angle...

(was this right after an exhibit titled "the most dangerous animal" with a mirror attached?)

no way will you look like that at 57. 58, maybe, but not 57. :)

Kiersten said...

What a beautiful place :)

Natalie said...

That aging thing was hilarious! So did Carolina walk the hike or was she carried?

Laurie said...

Georgeous! Don't you just love the leaves? I learned from another blog how to wax them and hang them as a garland. I'll post about it today. You would have so many great leaves to pick from (our trees are just barely turning here).

A Hunter said...

I love the red leaves! That was a good shot!
How did you fit that all in one day!? And the kids didn't fall apart? Way to go!

Andrew said...

Great tradition. Can we keep doing it on a Monday so I can take the day off work?

andrea said...

Natalie--she walked about a third of the way and we had to carry her the rest. I think she could've walked longer if we would've been more patient. Those little legs can't move very fast!

Erika said...

Wow! That was a year ago. It seems like you just posted that trip a few months ago. Time goes so fast!

amy said...

That will NOT be you at 50! What a mean aging machine.

Grandma Sweat said...

Great post! Gorgeous kids and leaves - I'm thinking some of those colorful shots of the scenery were what we could have seen in the Smokey Mountains when we were there in September if they hadn't have been so smokey!

your 57-year-old MIL