Friday, November 30, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes--November

This month's post could be called, "THE WHITNEY SHOW" with a small appearance by Brandon. I guess spending all day with her while B's at school is finally showing.

11/2--This is Whit's favorite song she has learned at school and she sings it to anyone who will listen to her. The one-liner at the end is just for you, Uncle Paul. We finally heard that song on the radio and the kids thought it was HILARIOUS.

11/3--Whitney and Andrew were playing up in the bonus room today. First they did a puzzle and then when they were done Whitney said, "Now I want to play a game, Daddy."
Andrew: "What game to do you want to play?"
Whitney: "It's called 'Dead Animal.'"
I couldn't wait to see how Andrew would respond to that one. Well, they invented a great little game out of it. One person was "it" and had to pretend they were a dead animal while the rest of us tried to figure out what animal they were. Luckily, the dead animal could still speak to help give us clues until we figured it out. When we guessed it, the animal would magically come to life! Kind of morbid, but the kids had fun with it.

11/11--When we're on our way to and home from church, I usually have Primary songs playing in the car. One that came on today was "Fun to do." I had forgotten this from my childhood, but one of the verses honestly says, "Cleaning my room is fun to do, fun to do, to do, to do...." Are you kidding me? Nice try, Primary song writer. As soon as this verse started, Brandon chimed in from the backseat, "No it's not!!"

Can't fool me!

Then when we got home, that song was still stuck in their heads. I heard verses like, "Wearing other people's shoes is fun to do..." and "Eating candy is fun to do..." They could've gone on and on.

11/11--This was the song Brandon just sang to Andrew, "You're ol---ld. You're ol---ld. You're going to get a mustache soon. You're going to be Pedro." Followed by hysterical belly laughs from B.

11/12--Whitney has a knack for remembering movie lines. Today I heard her quote two goodies. She was in the backseat of the van talking about "Cold, hard cash." Have no idea where she picked that up. Yesterday we were talking about Star Wars and Andrew quoted Han Solo saying, "Yuck it up, Fuzzball!" Out of the blue, Whit pulled that one out this afternoon. Cracked me up.

11/14--Whitney is very musical. She is always singing as she walks around the house. Often they are songs she has come up with herself. Here's this morning's favorite, sung to the tune of "If you're happy and you know it."
If you fart or you burp, say excuse me.
If you fart or you burp, say excuse me....and on and on. Well, at least she's helping reinforce manners, right???

Use good manners...or else

11/21--My nephew, Carson, is staying with us this week. He was out in the backyard playing with my kids and I was in the house. Whitney came running in and the first words out of her mouth were, "I gotta get a gun." It was so surprising! It's not what I expected to hear from my 3-year-old girl. I guess there was a big fake water gun fight going on out there and she felt left out.

Watch out, Carson. I'm armed!

11/24--Two more verses for "Fun to do" from Whit today: Drinking water is fun to do....
and Making tortillas is fun to do...

Dressing up like Princess Trapeze is fun to do

11/24--I took the kids out shopping today and told them that I would let them have a dollar to spend. Whit picked a little Hello Kitty doll from Target's $1 section and Brandon picked a candy bar--no surprise there. He chose Twizzlers Rainbow Twists. When we were driving home he was making disgusted sounds from the back seat and said, "When we get to the house, I need to rinse out my mouth BAD."
Me: You didn't like your candy?
B: No. Well, three of them were good and the other three tasted like shampoo.

11/29--Tonight Andrew, Grandma Cuca and I went out to dinner. BIG Thanks to Natalie and David for coming over to watch the kids. When it was time to put the kids to bed, Whit asked David to sing her a bedtime song. David told her, "I'm not a very good singer." She said, "Well, I am, so I'll sing for you."

11/30--I was reading the scriptures with Whit before bed tonight. We were reading about how Christ is the Good Shepherd and we are like his sheep. W. thought that was the silliest thing and said, "People don't say baa!"

Thursday, November 29, 2007

No, Brandon, there is no Santa Claus

That's not exactly what I said, but I might as well have. Brandon came off the bus this week with one of the dreaded parenting questions: "Mom, is Santa Claus real?" I froze. How was I supposed to respond to that? I'm torn!

I've always struggled a little with the whole Santa Claus situation. Here are the main pros and cons, as I see them.

PROS: *It's a way for parents to serve their children anonymously. I think that's a great lesson for me to keep learning.

*It adds to the magic of Christmas.

*Who doesn't like to talk about reindeer and elves and the North Pole?

CONS: *Eventually your kids will figure out that it's not true and that can be a crushing discovery.

*I feel like I'm perpetrating a lie when I build up the whole Santa side of Christmas.

*The Santa legend detracts from the true meaning of Christmas--celebrating the birth of Christ.

Is it just me or do the CONS completely outweigh the PROS here? Call me crazy, but that's what I think. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not anti-Santa. I just haven't taken an active role in spreading that story in our family. Trust me, the kids get enough of that from movies, school, and friends.

When we lived in Tucson, I had a born-again Christian friend who told me that she was going to tell her children that there was no Santa right from the beginning. (We both had babies at the time.) Her reasoning? "If I tell them there's a Santa and they find out that there's not, how are they going to believe me when I tell them that Jesus is real?" You know, I think there may be some merit to that line of thinking. Am I so far out there?

So, what did I do when faced with the big question from my own six-year-old son? I waffled.
B: "Mom, is Santa Claus real?"
Me: "Well, what do you think?"
B: "Yes!"
Me: "If that's what you think, that's what's important."
B: "Well, is he real or not?"
Me: "If you believe he's real, that's what matters."

AGH... Did I fail in my parental responsibilities? Is it just a normal part of being a kid to look forward to Santa's visit every year? Did I just crush that hope for Brandon? I didn't technically tell him that there is NO SANTA, but he's a very astute child and knows that I am generally very straight-forward in the answers I give to his questions. I have a feeling my beat-around-the-bush technique failed to inspire any confidence in Jolly Old Saint Nick. Could be an interesting Christmas Day around here.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Book Review: Grayson

Here's my most recent finished book: Grayson by Lynne Cox

I'm a member of Borders Rewards and every month they send me an e-mail with some of the latest and greatest titles that are out. I make note of the ones I think I sound interesting and reserve them at the library when I get a chance. That's how I heard about both Mayflower and Grayson.

Grayson is a true story about an experience the author had when she was seventeen. She was an elite swimmer and had already swam the English Channel by that age. She trained by swimming in the Pacific Ocean every morning. This book is about her adventure on one of those mornings when she encounters a baby gray whale. It is a very quick read--150 pages--and the entire books takes place in the span of several hours. If you like the ocean and/or whales and/or have ever been interested in Marine Biology, I'd recommend this book for you. I love the ocean and have always been fascinated by whales. I enjoyed the book. It grabbed me right from the beginning. The author is very descriptive and I love the way she took me right to the beach. But towards the middle, she got a little too flowery in her descriptions. It came across as if she were trying too hard to sound like a good writer. Even so, it makes a fun and fast little read.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Keys to a successful Thanksgiving

We had a really fun Thanksgiving week. Yea, in keeping with our new family tradition of stretching out holidays as long as possible, we pretty much started celebrating Thanksgiving last Saturday, when my family came into town. And we finished it up yesterday morning when they left. (All except Grandma Cuca, who we get to keep for another week--yea!) Here's what made it a very fun and memorable Turkey week for us:

*GOOD FOOD--This is, of course, a necessity for everyone on this holiday. And our Thanksgiving feast was quite a success if I do say so myself. We had all the traditional foods--turkey, dressing, yams, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls....mmmmm. But throughout the week we also had rice and beans and tortillas--my favorite meal EVER. And enchiladas another night. I'm not looking forward to stepping on the scale at the dr's office this week. What, I'm not supposed to gain 5 pounds a week at this point in my pregnancy???

The feast...moments before being devoured.

*A whole bunch of family members--We had a house full and I LOVED it. With the majority of our family members living two thousand miles away, this isn't a chance we get frequently.

This was our Turkey Day crew:
Brandon, Carson, Avery, Whit

Andrew, Destinee, Mason, Ryan

Daneen and Paul (who look SO happy to be here),
Grandma Cuca, my Dad and Mom.

It was great to always have someone to:

play Guitar Hero

or Singstar with,

shoot hoops in the back with the kids,
(even Grandma Cuca got in on the action!)

take us geocaching,

(We even found one cache!)

go to the park, play cards or Mad Gab.....never a dull moment.

*Lots and lots of Football--Andrew even faked a back injury so that he could lie on the couch and watch his favorite spectator sport for three full days. OK, I'm totally kidding about him FAKING the injury, but Old Man Sweat really was down and out with a bad back for three full days. He was in A LOT of pain. But I don't think he mind being forced to take it easy for a while.

*Using the internet to do my Black Friday shopping--I decided that unless you are going to save hundreds of dollars on a big ticket item, it is just not worth it to fight those crowds, the cold, and lose that sleep to shop on Friday morning. So, this time I stayed up until midnight playing Singstar with my family and then hopped online and did my shopping. I still got some great deals and most of the sites I used offered free shipping. Can't beat that!

Unexpected Perks: My dear, sweet brother was brave and repaired a slow-draining tub in the bathroom they were using by digging out 4 toothpaste caps and a band-aid among other disturbing items....I'll stop there. Some people will take the initiative and fix problems like these. Others (like me) will continue to use Drano every other month and wonder why it is still draining sooooo slowly.


My awesome Dad repaired the taillight that burned out on my van last week. It had been driving me crazy because the blinker goes really fast, but I hadn't taken the time to fix it yet.... Who knows how long it would've taken.


We feel extremely blessed to have people travel such long distances to be with us for this holiday. Thanks to everyone who came and for the sacrifices you made to be here. I think everyone else around here is so done with eating the leftovers. As for me, I'll enjoy the turkey and the yams for a couple more days and remember the great Thanksgiving we had.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Not quite what they were looking for

I have a couple different counters on this blog that I use to monitor my traffic and see who's been looking at the blog. It's just kind of fun to see which posts get a lot of hits and which ones don't. It's also fun to see when people from Germany or Brazil stumble upon your blog and leaves me wondering what in the world they think about it.

One of the counters I use is by Google Analytics. It has a very business-like layout and includes an easy way to see what search engine keywords have been entered to find your blog. Ok. My results crack me up. I had to share some of the searches that people have done to end up at this blog site. I'm sure many of them were sorely disappointed.

*ebeneezer beesley--When I saw this show up, I had to think, "Do I know an Ebeneezer Beesley?" I racked my brain and couldn't recall that name so I googled it myself and found my blog and found that it was a name entered by Grandpa Hiatt in a comment when I had posted about "High On The Mountain Top" being written by our great big Grandpa. However, our grandpa wrote the lyrics and Mr. Beesley wrote the music. Oops.

*church marquee sayings--This by far has gotten the most hits from my keywords. Now I feel kind of bad for bashing on them. People were probably looking for great saying to put on their own marquees. Oops again.

*things that bug me AND *things that bug me about my mom--I guess some people enjoy reading about the things that just absolutely drive other people crazy. I apologize to the second searcher. I try to avoid mom-bashing, especially on the blog. :)

*purple cast--Now if they were looking for a pic of a cute girl IN purple arm cast, these searchers got exactly what they wanted.

*andrew brandon oh no not the nativity--I didn't know people did keyword searches that were this lengthy. What kills me is that it turned up on TWO different searches. Interesting.

*car air freshener enjoy a pleasant scent anywhere you go--This one wins the record for longest search term. I don't believe you can call this a "keyword" search anymore.

*3 things never to mention in a conversation--Oh, man, I am DEFINITELY not a reliable source for etiquette information!

*andrea's affair with andrew--Now this one was looking for some SCANDAL. Not too much of that going on in our lives. (knock on wood)

*athlete duane's syndrome AND *dr. buckley duane's AND *duane's syndrome vrt--I was actually very happy to see these hits. It is hard to find info on Duane's Syndrome and I would be happy to help another parent who is dealing with this. I guess they need to be brave and post a comment or question if they actually want any advice, though. Maybe they figure I already share enough on the blog.

*sandelwood keep mice away--Have I ever written about sandelwood? I don't even know what that is.

*baby's face looks funny at 12 weeks scan--I guess I'm not the only person out there who thinks this!

*top 10 gross men sweat moles hairs--Ewwww....someone is actually searching for this???

Here are some of the other random searches that found me:

*alternate names for a toilet

*feed a zebra

*gecko pumpkin

*glass iron corning

*her monocular

*i can't get lasik

*just say whatever is on their minds

*trey sweat

*two wise children activities

*andrea woodshop

*batting cages bavaria

*catchy sayings about exercise

*cruise moments

*daneen spoiled pretty

*funny pictures about frequency of tooth brushing

*how to make balloon lightsabers

*photo of mom using power washer

*pokemon corning ny sale or shop

*pros and cons of being an athlete

Well, if you've made it to the end of this post you are undoubtedly a devoted reader....or the IT guy in charge of google analytics. Which search term did YOU use to find me? Or which do you think was most appropriate?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Grateful for Health Insurance

We could call this "Family Health Care Appreciation Week" around here. Three of us have been to the doctor. And none of us are sick. Andrew's back is really bothering him and he might take visit #4 if it's keeps hurting.

Tuesday--Whitney went back to the orthopedist to get her hard cast on. I think Dr. Buckley might have some competition on his hands, because Whit has developed a little crush on Dr. Norris, too. She was SOOOO excited to go see him and then when he came in the room, she clammed up and wouldn't say a thing. Already playing shy. What is it with this girl and her doctors???

We got a glimpse of her little arm before
we had to say goodbye to it for the next month.

She chose a pretty purple cast and she is thrilled with it.
She doesn't have to wear a sling anymore and is adapting
well to doing things one-handed.

She took her silver marker to preschool
today, so her little friends could sign it.
Pretty funny when preschoolers try to
sign a cast.

Wednesday--Brandon had his well child check-up. It's so nice to still have one child who is UNBREAKABLE.

He even had to get two shots and didn't
throw a fit about it. He took them like a
man and hardly even winced.
Way to go, B-train!

Thursday--I went in for an ultrasound and bloodwork.

I made it to the twelve week mark.
Yeah for the second trimester!
And am looking just a little bit pregnant,
ya think?

Here are the pics of our little peanut:
He or she was very laid back--would just
hang out with his/her legs crossed for a
while as the ultrasound tech got the
measurements she needed. Then
got the hiccups and was bouncing all over the place.
It always surprises me at this stage to see how
much they move around and that I can't feel a thing.

This one's a profile shot of the baby's face.
Then toward the end of the test, the baby started
sticking out it's tongue. The tech thought it was
so funny that she printed up a pic.

We got a couple of those 3D shots that they can
do now. This is the first child that I've had that
experience with. They're kind of creepy. The
baby looks slightly alien-ish. I think I'll keep
them to myself. :)

Other than visiting doctor's offices, I've been frantically trying to get the house ready to host six house guests for the next week. Fun stuff!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The festivities

Andrew enjoyed an extended birthday celebration this year. It wasn't just one day of fun. Oh, no. It was three days of non-stop partying....Sweat style.

On Friday, the kids stayed the night with Mary and Steve, a saintly empty-nester couple from church. Andrew and I went up to Raleigh and actually got to go to the temple together. It was WONDERFUL! I wish that could happen more often. We went out to P.F. Chang's afterward. I forget how much I love the food there until I'm actually sitting down and devouring it.
Fun date night.
And, the preggo girl didn't even give out early. We didn't get home until almost 1 a.m. and I hung in there. Very impressive.

On Sunday after church we did the actual birthday dinner/cake/presents. Sometimes I wonder why I even try when it comes to making cakes. I don't think I've had a successful one yet. The kids and I decided to make a nice little two-layer cake for Drew. I couldn't find my round baking pans, so we used square ones, which I thought would be fine and make it a little unique. Well....the baking part went OK, but when it came time to frost, we had a disaster. One of the cans of frosting had the seal broken and was completely crystallized. Agh! One can of frosting won't cut it for a double layer square cake!
So instead, he ended up with 1 1/2 layers. It kinda reminds me of the Mesa Arizona temple. Rather than pile 33 candles on, we put three on the top layer and three on the bottom. I love how Whitney is helping him blow them out in this pic.

Here is the adorable card that Brandon made.

Can you read the left side? It says, "Happy birthday Dad.
You are the 2nd best Dad ever. You Rock. B"
So, of course Andrew had to ask the question,
"Who's the best dad ever?"
B: "Heavenly Father, of course."
Also love the sentiment on the right side:
33 is fun!

For his gift, I got Andrew a print of "The Patriot"
by Nick Greenwood, an artist we go to church with.
Isn't it an awesome picture?

To keep the fun going, Andrew took off work on Monday. The kids already had it off for Veteran's Day. We took a family trip to the zoo.
This was the scenery on the side of the road the
whole way down there. It was breathtaking! Loved it.

And throughout the zoo, the fall foliage was just as gorgeous.
Since we didn't take our annual drive up the Blue Ridge Pkwy
for fall pics, I figured this might be the best opportunity we'd have.

Oh, and there were some animals there, too.
If you look above Whit's shoulder, you can see a rhino.
Her favorite animal is the giraffe and she
loved seeing them in real life.

Brandon loved the gorilla, but I didn't get any
pics of him.
Andrew and I loved the sea lions best.
They were complete show-offs and were swimming
back and forth and doing acrobatics the whole
time we were watching. Very fun.

Today it was back to work and school as usual. Party's over, folks. And I guess I better get to work myself, too. It would be nice to have more than a blog post to show for my morning alone. :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lucky 33

My hot husband turns 33 this week! We're starting to get up there, huh? Andrew says he actually enjoys aging because now fewer people will ask, "You're only 30?" with shocked expressions when they find out how old he is. In honor of his big day, I thought I'd share 33 things you may or may not know about Andrew.

1. He needed surgery when he was two years old to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. I hear that before the surgery he had a deep little froggy voice. Wish I could've heard that.

Wasn't he the cutest little boy?
And can you believe how BLOND his hair was?

2. He was a guest on the TV show "Romper Room" when he was a kid. Have you ever heard of that? I guess there was a generation gap between the two of us here, because I never had.
Who knew he was such a celebrity?

3. He also co-starred in a movie called "The Rabbit." It was made by a man that Andrew went to church with who still works in film, mainly editing LDS documentaries.

4. Has been in three bands--Deaf Dogs, Fatheads, and JUSTUS. They are not famous for such hits as "Blue Haired Old Ladies," "Twelve-year-old Gangsta," and "Burnt Biscuits."

JUSTUS rocks!

5. Was voted "Most Athletic" AND "Best Looking" at his high school. The powers that be made him choose just one to spread the wealth. He chose "Most Athletic." (Did I score or what?)

6. Came THIS CLOSE to playing college basketball at Ricks College. It was down to two scholarships and three players. Andrew was the unlucky guy that got cut.
How could they turn down a guy who can dunk like this?

7. When I met him, he was studying pre-dental and driving a black Jeep Wrangler. What a catch, right? (Especially for me, since I was pre-dental, too!) By the next semester after we had started dating, both the major and the Jeep were gone...but I was in love by then, so he was stuck with me.

8. Is afraid of heights, which just seems ironic to me since he is SOOO tall. We lived in Vegas one summer and for my birthday he rode the rides at the top of the Stratosphere with me. Now that, my friends, is true love.

9. Is also afraid of dogs and has been bitten on several occasions.

10. Worked in an Audio/Visual studio on campus when we were at BYU. He would have to film business students giving presentations. Many of them drove him crazy and he would come home complaining about how precocious and demanding the "business boys" were. The following year, he applied for the business program and became one of those boys.

11. Lived in the Atacama desert of northern Chile for two years while serving a mission for our church. It didn't rain the entire two years that he lived there.
Lots and lots of dirt!

12. After giving it up for a year, is back to playing Madden on the playstation every chance he gets. (Read: he stays up late after the kids and I are in bed.)

Football fan for life

13. Snores very loudly. Thankfully, I'm a heavy sleeper....usually.

14. Never listens to the radio, unless he's in the car with me. He prefers to listen to podcasts about sports and/or politics.

15. When I was in hygiene school, I had to practice giving anesthetic injections to a certain number of patients. As the end of the year drew near, I hadn't reached my allotment, so Andrew volunteered to come into our clinic and let me give him SIX SHOTS in the mouth so I could pass. Again, I knew that man loved me.

16. I don't think he ever goes to bed before midnight.

17. Favorite candy bars include Almond Joy, 5th Avenue, and Charleston Chew.

18. Favorite dessert is ice cream--hands down.

19. Worked at Baskin Robbins when he was in high school. This may or may not have anything to do with his lingering love of ice cream.

20. (knock on wood) Has never been in a car accident.

21. Is an amazing Boggle player. I feel like I should be good, but he kicks my butt every time.

22. Enjoys wrestling matches with the kids. (This activity has been put on hold for the next 4-5 weeks while Princess Thunder aka Whitney recovers from her injury.) Brandon and Whit team up on him and they have some pretty sweet match-ups.

23. Favorite restaurant meal of all time: King Crab Legs from the Deck House in Carolina Beach.
Mmmmmm...the Deck House...
I wish I was eating there right now.

24. Is a great guitar player and singer. I'm still trying to convince him that we could perform on a cruise ship when he retires.

25. Does NOT consider himself a handyman, but has learned a lot of things from hands-on experience (and the help of friends) about how to fix things over the last few years: replaced a faucet, installed a new garbage disposal, re-built a fence, patched a muffler, and replaced a porch.

26. Has been known to talk gibberish in his sleep.

27. Loves to read and is always in the midst of a book. When he gets a lunch break, he goes out to his car and reads while he eats. Favorite author: Orson Scott Card.

28. Does not enjoy cooking and spaghetti is about the only meal he feels comfortable making EXCEPT for Thanksgiving dinner. Two years ago, I told him that we could stay in town for Turkey day if he would do ALL the cooking and he agreed. It was awesome. I'm over my little fit and I help out a little with the sides, but he's still in charge of the turkey.

29. Most embarrassing moment: Andrew used to ride to and from school/work when we were in college. One day on his ride home from BYU, his shoelace came untied and got wrapped around the pedal. It was right in between classes so there were students all around. He was on the ramp by the Maeser Building and unfortunately started tipping in the direction where his foot was tied to the pedal. He just slowly tipped over, not being able to catch himself. Several people came up, "Are you OK?" He got his shoelace out of the pedal and continued to ride home.

30. Has the most striking blue eyes. I think he's so tall that most people don't get to see them. Plus, he usually has his glasses on.

LOVE those blue eyes.

31. Loves the beach and dreams of retiring there.

32. Favorite sports teams: Los Angeles Lakers, Carolina Panthers, Arizona Diamondbacks, and BYU football.

33. Is my dream guy and I'm so lucky to have him as my husband, even if he is getting old.
Happy Birthday, honey!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Quick Update

Whit is handling everything really well. She was very lethargic for the first two days following surgery. That anesthesia usually does a number on her. But then she woke up Wed evening from her nap and was back to herself, chatty and smiling. So glad. She also realized that even though her arm is broken, her legs still work. She had been asking us to carry her everywhere for the first few days. She's a pretty big girl to be lugging around! Her arm is still sore and she gets a couple of doses of good ol' Tylenol every day. She is learning how do things one-handed and still needs a lot of help. What a trooper!

Brandon has been feeling a little neglected, I'm afraid. He has been overly-hyper and loud at home. I haven't gotten bad reports from school, so I hope he has been ok there. Poor guy. I think he needs to have some good quality one-on-one time with Andrew or me pretty quick here. His basketball season starts tomorrow with a "skills test" (kind of like tryouts) so he's thrilled about that.

Andrew is busy, busy, busy between lots of stress at work and the usual duties at church. That's just the norm for him now, I guess.

I am 11 weeks along in my pregnancy now and am over the nausea and sickness. Hallelujah! (It has been about two weeks now, so I'm feeling pretty confident about saying that, but I'll still knock on wood.) I'm still tired, but can sneak in a little afternoon nap with Whit and then we're good to go.

A few weeks ago in Sunday School, we were talking about how the Lord helps us through our trials. Two people raised their hands and shared experiences about MAJOR life-threatening challenges in their lives and how their knowledge of the Savior helped them get through. I raised my hand and started my comment by saying, "I don't have big trials in my life like that..." and then went on to make my point. Well, I guess I need to choose my words more wisely because some members of the class took that to mean that I think I don't have ANY trials in my life. When I told one woman about Whit's broken arm this week, she said, "Well, that's what you get for saying you don't have trials, huh?" I just laughed along with her, but in reality I thought, "A broken arm is not a HUGE trial. It could've been so much worse. What if she had fallen and hit her head on a corner and had a concussion..." In the big scheme of things, broken arms are do-able, don'tcha think?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

"Fracture" is not a good word

Monday night began like any other night. I was happily cooking a non-gourmet meal in the kitchen when I heard a terrible thud in the office followed by strained cries from Whit. I went to check on her and found that she had been standing on one of swivelly office chairs and took a tumble. She was holding her left arm and my mother's intuition told me it was more than just a bump. Andrew was on his way home and when he got here, we both decided she needed to go to the Emergency Room.

Greg and Nicolle agreed to watch B-train and we headed to the hospital. My fears were confirmed. They did x-rays and found that she FRACTURED her humerus, right by the elbow. That's NOT a word that you want to hear in connection with your little girl. Apparently she tried to catch herself when she fell and her elbow hyper-extended. It ended up breaking off a little chip of bone near the elbow.

She was SUCH a brave little girl.
Here she was getting her x-rays.

The news kept getting worse because the type of fracture she has can't be set. Instead they have to do SURGERY--another word I could've done without. Since she had eaten dinner right before we came in, they had to wait until the morning to do the procedure.

The worst part of the whole experience:
The phlebotomist turned to me before she started and said, "Are you going to be ok, Mom?" I calmly told her yes, but almost didn't make it. It was torture to watch them digging around with that needle in Whit's arm as she screamed and looked as us like, "Why aren't you stopping them?" Terrible. Terrible.

They don't admit pediatric patients to the hospital where we checked in. (Good lesson for other local parents: If you ever need to take your kids to the ER, go to Moses Cone. They have a separate ER for kids and can admit your child if that becomes necessary. We'll know for next time.) So, we had to transfer to Moses Cone and Whitney and Andrew spent the night there. I came home to get a few hours rest and some extra clothes for W and Drew. Then got back to the hospital by 6:30 the next morning when they started prepping her for surgery.

Her surgeon(Dr. Norris) was such a nice guy. He was a dad of young kids and you could just tell he was very caring and patient. It was comforting. With Whitney's eye surgeries, they let at least one of us stay with her up until the moment she is under anesthesia, but not at this hospital. They wheeled her away from us when she was still awake. I was so worried she was going to freak out. I would have if I was her. Dr. Norris told us that they give her something to make her forget that whole part of the experience.

The surgery went well. She is in a soft splint for the next week and will get a cast put on after that. When Dr. Norris came out to tell us how it went, he said that she wasn't even crying when she left us and she talked to him all the way up until the moment she went under. He told us about their conversation--that she can get dressed all by herself. Dr. Norris has a two-year-old son who doesn't know how to dress himself yet, so he asked Whit if he would come to her house and help teach her son how to do that. She agreed. He said he was impressed with how personable she was and just loved to meet people.

Well, the medicine they gave her to "forget everything" didn't work. As soon as she came out of anesthesia, she told Andrew and I that her doctor wanted her to come to his house and teach his two-year-old son, John, how to get dressed. He has three little boys and no girls. It cracked us up!

She was a happy girl when she got out of surgery.
"My arm's all fixed up!"
I think she was most happy that she got to lie
in bed and watch cable TV cartoons all morning.

They had us hang around the hospital until lunch time to make sure Whit could keep her food down. I understood their reasoning, but was getting anxious to get out of there. At Duke for her previous surgeries, they really get you out of there quickly. They just give her some sprite and graham crackers, make sure she doesn't throw up and then send you on your way. It was hard to just hang out in that room for FOUR hours while we waited for lunch to be delivered. Ok, I'll admit that part of the problem was that I was STARVING. I had packed some snacks for Andrew and me, but they didn't cut it for the amount of time that we stayed.

Here she is ready to go home,
holding her new bear, Snugglish.

She did pretty well last night and ate a good breakfast this morning. Getting dressed is going to be a challenge for the next few weeks. I have a feeling we'll be borrowing a lot of baggy T-shirts from Brandon.

HUGE thank to Greg and Nicolle and Ben and April for taking care of B-train during this whole ordeal. And thanks to many of you for your phone calls and prayers.