Friday, November 02, 2007

Soccer ends with a bang!

Yesterday was Whit's last soccer game. I don't think any of us are sad to see this season come to an end. Ok, maybe Brandon is. He enjoyed messing around with the other older siblings while the youngins practiced and played games. He even got a rough and tumble game of 2 on 2 tackle football going yesterday. There were no serious injuries.

Well, Whitney knows how to end a season at the top of her game. She was actually EXCITED to play and ran around trying to kick the ball this time. Woo hoo! Now that's progress.

I don't know if you can tell in the little video clip, but she actually picked up the ball, carried it over next to the goal and then kicked it in. Whatever it takes, Whit. Good job! :)

We had the obligatory participation trophy ceremony after the game.
Whit was excited!

She checked it to make sure it said, "Whitney."

(Sidenote: The first time Brandon got a trophy, he slept with it for several nights in a row. It was so cute....and looked very uncomfortable. Whitney didn't actually sleep with hers, but kept it on her bedside bookshelf. While Andrew and I were in the middle of watching Survivor last night, Whit started crying uncontrollably. When Andrew went to check on her, he found that she had been admiring her trophy while lying in bed and dropped it on her nose. Ouch!)

Here's her team with their awesome coaches.
Yay for the Purple Pirates!

Whit has a good friend, Leann, who was on
our team and was about as excited about
soccer as Whitney was.
I think this was Whit's way of saying,
"Thanks for hanging in there with me." :)


Sandy said...

Very cute!! Your soccer season was like a month longer than ours -- SO lucky you, haha;) Glad it ended well for ya, though!

Ang said...

That video is awesome! Good for Whit. There's nothing cuter than 4 year old soccer (and it's worth it to get a trophy, even if it bonks you on the nose in the night!)

Natalie said...

Yay Whit! Way to put that ball in the back of the net! Maybe she can come show the girls on my dad's team how it is done. They are struggling to score a lot of goals this year. I am glad she ended her season on a good note. Hopefully she will play again next year!

Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

Awesome goal, Whit!!! What a cute video... this is why I need to buy a camcorder... how else will I capture all of Clara's exciting moments?

Carrie said...

Good job Whitney!!!! You deserved that trophy. : ) I love that picture where she is hugging her teammate.

Grandma Sweat said...

You know how dad gets tears in his eyes when the Jazz have a come from behind win? Well, watching that little video clip I teared up as bad as Dennis Sweat with 2 minutes to go and the game's tied and Paul Millsap gets an offensive rebound (off of a Kirilenko miss no doubt) and slams it back in to go ahead by 2.

What a cute story about both kids and their trophies. Thanks for keeping us updated and way to go Whitney Amelia Sweat!!!
Grandma Sweat

g & g hiatt said...

Whitney --
We didn't tear up like your Grandma Sweat did but your great-grandparents got a big thrill from watching you make that goal.
Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

Great job Whit! I remember I had all my trophies displayed in my room for years. I also remember using them as a weapon in my booby-traps to get Tony. I don't think any of the got him on the head though.

Destiny said...

I love Whit's victory dance. Way to go!