Friday, November 30, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes--November

This month's post could be called, "THE WHITNEY SHOW" with a small appearance by Brandon. I guess spending all day with her while B's at school is finally showing.

11/2--This is Whit's favorite song she has learned at school and she sings it to anyone who will listen to her. The one-liner at the end is just for you, Uncle Paul. We finally heard that song on the radio and the kids thought it was HILARIOUS.

11/3--Whitney and Andrew were playing up in the bonus room today. First they did a puzzle and then when they were done Whitney said, "Now I want to play a game, Daddy."
Andrew: "What game to do you want to play?"
Whitney: "It's called 'Dead Animal.'"
I couldn't wait to see how Andrew would respond to that one. Well, they invented a great little game out of it. One person was "it" and had to pretend they were a dead animal while the rest of us tried to figure out what animal they were. Luckily, the dead animal could still speak to help give us clues until we figured it out. When we guessed it, the animal would magically come to life! Kind of morbid, but the kids had fun with it.

11/11--When we're on our way to and home from church, I usually have Primary songs playing in the car. One that came on today was "Fun to do." I had forgotten this from my childhood, but one of the verses honestly says, "Cleaning my room is fun to do, fun to do, to do, to do...." Are you kidding me? Nice try, Primary song writer. As soon as this verse started, Brandon chimed in from the backseat, "No it's not!!"

Can't fool me!

Then when we got home, that song was still stuck in their heads. I heard verses like, "Wearing other people's shoes is fun to do..." and "Eating candy is fun to do..." They could've gone on and on.

11/11--This was the song Brandon just sang to Andrew, "You're ol---ld. You're ol---ld. You're going to get a mustache soon. You're going to be Pedro." Followed by hysterical belly laughs from B.

11/12--Whitney has a knack for remembering movie lines. Today I heard her quote two goodies. She was in the backseat of the van talking about "Cold, hard cash." Have no idea where she picked that up. Yesterday we were talking about Star Wars and Andrew quoted Han Solo saying, "Yuck it up, Fuzzball!" Out of the blue, Whit pulled that one out this afternoon. Cracked me up.

11/14--Whitney is very musical. She is always singing as she walks around the house. Often they are songs she has come up with herself. Here's this morning's favorite, sung to the tune of "If you're happy and you know it."
If you fart or you burp, say excuse me.
If you fart or you burp, say excuse me....and on and on. Well, at least she's helping reinforce manners, right???

Use good manners...or else

11/21--My nephew, Carson, is staying with us this week. He was out in the backyard playing with my kids and I was in the house. Whitney came running in and the first words out of her mouth were, "I gotta get a gun." It was so surprising! It's not what I expected to hear from my 3-year-old girl. I guess there was a big fake water gun fight going on out there and she felt left out.

Watch out, Carson. I'm armed!

11/24--Two more verses for "Fun to do" from Whit today: Drinking water is fun to do....
and Making tortillas is fun to do...

Dressing up like Princess Trapeze is fun to do

11/24--I took the kids out shopping today and told them that I would let them have a dollar to spend. Whit picked a little Hello Kitty doll from Target's $1 section and Brandon picked a candy bar--no surprise there. He chose Twizzlers Rainbow Twists. When we were driving home he was making disgusted sounds from the back seat and said, "When we get to the house, I need to rinse out my mouth BAD."
Me: You didn't like your candy?
B: No. Well, three of them were good and the other three tasted like shampoo.

11/29--Tonight Andrew, Grandma Cuca and I went out to dinner. BIG Thanks to Natalie and David for coming over to watch the kids. When it was time to put the kids to bed, Whit asked David to sing her a bedtime song. David told her, "I'm not a very good singer." She said, "Well, I am, so I'll sing for you."

11/30--I was reading the scriptures with Whit before bed tonight. We were reading about how Christ is the Good Shepherd and we are like his sheep. W. thought that was the silliest thing and said, "People don't say baa!"


Natalie said...

That primary song is hilarious. I have never heard that one before. It is hard to get things like that past Brandon. He is so smart!

Amy said...

Love the video of Whit singing! And, once again, your kids always have the best way of describing things. "Shampoo..." (-:

Sandy said...

Great post, as always!! I'd really like to know how Brandon knows what shampoo tastes like...??!

Carrie said...

Maybe Whitney will add a watergun to her Christmas list? : ) Great post!

Ang said...

At least Whit knows when to say excuse me!! :-)

Mom Sweat said...

I must say "dead animal" gave me a good giggle - and that pose of Brandon's with the guitar is soooo BRANDON! Thanks for the great post.
Love you all -
Mom Sweat