Friday, November 09, 2007

Quick Update

Whit is handling everything really well. She was very lethargic for the first two days following surgery. That anesthesia usually does a number on her. But then she woke up Wed evening from her nap and was back to herself, chatty and smiling. So glad. She also realized that even though her arm is broken, her legs still work. She had been asking us to carry her everywhere for the first few days. She's a pretty big girl to be lugging around! Her arm is still sore and she gets a couple of doses of good ol' Tylenol every day. She is learning how do things one-handed and still needs a lot of help. What a trooper!

Brandon has been feeling a little neglected, I'm afraid. He has been overly-hyper and loud at home. I haven't gotten bad reports from school, so I hope he has been ok there. Poor guy. I think he needs to have some good quality one-on-one time with Andrew or me pretty quick here. His basketball season starts tomorrow with a "skills test" (kind of like tryouts) so he's thrilled about that.

Andrew is busy, busy, busy between lots of stress at work and the usual duties at church. That's just the norm for him now, I guess.

I am 11 weeks along in my pregnancy now and am over the nausea and sickness. Hallelujah! (It has been about two weeks now, so I'm feeling pretty confident about saying that, but I'll still knock on wood.) I'm still tired, but can sneak in a little afternoon nap with Whit and then we're good to go.

A few weeks ago in Sunday School, we were talking about how the Lord helps us through our trials. Two people raised their hands and shared experiences about MAJOR life-threatening challenges in their lives and how their knowledge of the Savior helped them get through. I raised my hand and started my comment by saying, "I don't have big trials in my life like that..." and then went on to make my point. Well, I guess I need to choose my words more wisely because some members of the class took that to mean that I think I don't have ANY trials in my life. When I told one woman about Whit's broken arm this week, she said, "Well, that's what you get for saying you don't have trials, huh?" I just laughed along with her, but in reality I thought, "A broken arm is not a HUGE trial. It could've been so much worse. What if she had fallen and hit her head on a corner and had a concussion..." In the big scheme of things, broken arms are do-able, don'tcha think?


Sandy said...

I'm so glad your morning sickness is over with -- once you hit that point, it sure makes the rest of your life seem more do-able, doesn't it?:) Sounds like you all are recuperating nicely:)

Natalie said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing better! If Brandon needs some attention I can have him teach my lesson on Sunday. I am sure the whole class would love to have him teach!

Carrie said...

I am happy to hear that Whitney is feeling better. She is such a trooper.
Thank goodness your morning sickness is over! : ) I still have some lingering moments, but I am hoping that will pass soon.

Destinee said...

I'm glad Whitney is feeling better! How scary! (I just told Avery about Whit's arm and she wanted to see the pics- she said "Ohh, she still looks happy though. And she got a balloon!") She hopes she still gets to play with her! Hope your week is less eventful than the last one! See you soon!