Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lucky 33

My hot husband turns 33 this week! We're starting to get up there, huh? Andrew says he actually enjoys aging because now fewer people will ask, "You're only 30?" with shocked expressions when they find out how old he is. In honor of his big day, I thought I'd share 33 things you may or may not know about Andrew.

1. He needed surgery when he was two years old to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. I hear that before the surgery he had a deep little froggy voice. Wish I could've heard that.

Wasn't he the cutest little boy?
And can you believe how BLOND his hair was?

2. He was a guest on the TV show "Romper Room" when he was a kid. Have you ever heard of that? I guess there was a generation gap between the two of us here, because I never had.
Who knew he was such a celebrity?

3. He also co-starred in a movie called "The Rabbit." It was made by a man that Andrew went to church with who still works in film, mainly editing LDS documentaries.

4. Has been in three bands--Deaf Dogs, Fatheads, and JUSTUS. They are not famous for such hits as "Blue Haired Old Ladies," "Twelve-year-old Gangsta," and "Burnt Biscuits."

JUSTUS rocks!

5. Was voted "Most Athletic" AND "Best Looking" at his high school. The powers that be made him choose just one to spread the wealth. He chose "Most Athletic." (Did I score or what?)

6. Came THIS CLOSE to playing college basketball at Ricks College. It was down to two scholarships and three players. Andrew was the unlucky guy that got cut.
How could they turn down a guy who can dunk like this?

7. When I met him, he was studying pre-dental and driving a black Jeep Wrangler. What a catch, right? (Especially for me, since I was pre-dental, too!) By the next semester after we had started dating, both the major and the Jeep were gone...but I was in love by then, so he was stuck with me.

8. Is afraid of heights, which just seems ironic to me since he is SOOO tall. We lived in Vegas one summer and for my birthday he rode the rides at the top of the Stratosphere with me. Now that, my friends, is true love.

9. Is also afraid of dogs and has been bitten on several occasions.

10. Worked in an Audio/Visual studio on campus when we were at BYU. He would have to film business students giving presentations. Many of them drove him crazy and he would come home complaining about how precocious and demanding the "business boys" were. The following year, he applied for the business program and became one of those boys.

11. Lived in the Atacama desert of northern Chile for two years while serving a mission for our church. It didn't rain the entire two years that he lived there.
Lots and lots of dirt!

12. After giving it up for a year, is back to playing Madden on the playstation every chance he gets. (Read: he stays up late after the kids and I are in bed.)

Football fan for life

13. Snores very loudly. Thankfully, I'm a heavy sleeper....usually.

14. Never listens to the radio, unless he's in the car with me. He prefers to listen to podcasts about sports and/or politics.

15. When I was in hygiene school, I had to practice giving anesthetic injections to a certain number of patients. As the end of the year drew near, I hadn't reached my allotment, so Andrew volunteered to come into our clinic and let me give him SIX SHOTS in the mouth so I could pass. Again, I knew that man loved me.

16. I don't think he ever goes to bed before midnight.

17. Favorite candy bars include Almond Joy, 5th Avenue, and Charleston Chew.

18. Favorite dessert is ice cream--hands down.

19. Worked at Baskin Robbins when he was in high school. This may or may not have anything to do with his lingering love of ice cream.

20. (knock on wood) Has never been in a car accident.

21. Is an amazing Boggle player. I feel like I should be good, but he kicks my butt every time.

22. Enjoys wrestling matches with the kids. (This activity has been put on hold for the next 4-5 weeks while Princess Thunder aka Whitney recovers from her injury.) Brandon and Whit team up on him and they have some pretty sweet match-ups.

23. Favorite restaurant meal of all time: King Crab Legs from the Deck House in Carolina Beach.
Mmmmmm...the Deck House...
I wish I was eating there right now.

24. Is a great guitar player and singer. I'm still trying to convince him that we could perform on a cruise ship when he retires.

25. Does NOT consider himself a handyman, but has learned a lot of things from hands-on experience (and the help of friends) about how to fix things over the last few years: replaced a faucet, installed a new garbage disposal, re-built a fence, patched a muffler, and replaced a porch.

26. Has been known to talk gibberish in his sleep.

27. Loves to read and is always in the midst of a book. When he gets a lunch break, he goes out to his car and reads while he eats. Favorite author: Orson Scott Card.

28. Does not enjoy cooking and spaghetti is about the only meal he feels comfortable making EXCEPT for Thanksgiving dinner. Two years ago, I told him that we could stay in town for Turkey day if he would do ALL the cooking and he agreed. It was awesome. I'm over my little fit and I help out a little with the sides, but he's still in charge of the turkey.

29. Most embarrassing moment: Andrew used to ride to and from school/work when we were in college. One day on his ride home from BYU, his shoelace came untied and got wrapped around the pedal. It was right in between classes so there were students all around. He was on the ramp by the Maeser Building and unfortunately started tipping in the direction where his foot was tied to the pedal. He just slowly tipped over, not being able to catch himself. Several people came up, "Are you OK?" He got his shoelace out of the pedal and continued to ride home.

30. Has the most striking blue eyes. I think he's so tall that most people don't get to see them. Plus, he usually has his glasses on.

LOVE those blue eyes.

31. Loves the beach and dreams of retiring there.

32. Favorite sports teams: Los Angeles Lakers, Carolina Panthers, Arizona Diamondbacks, and BYU football.

33. Is my dream guy and I'm so lucky to have him as my husband, even if he is getting old.
Happy Birthday, honey!


Sandy said...

Doesn't being the bishop automatically add 10 years to your life? So really, he just turned 43...robbing the cradle, eh, Andrew? Haha! Fun list -- I learned all sorts of new things, since my "I knew that" list was pretty limited to the few things from college (jeep, job, crashing bike with shoe laces). And I totally remember when Andrew went over to the "dark side" and BECAME one of the "business boys". While all the other guys looked all proud and cocky in their suits, I think Andrew was probably embaressed. And he should have been - because we always made fun of those guys mercilessly. And they deserved it. Good times, good times. Anyway - you guys are such a great couple and you're just so stinkin' cute together!

Destiny said...

How fun is this list. I didn't know Andrew had blue eyes. Fun Facts.

g & g hiatt said...

Re #16 --
It's his Roundy/Hiatt heritage coming through.

Enjoyed the list; learned a few things about "old blue eyes".

Happy 33rd. In four months, you can be a record: 33 1/3.

And just think, you have 45s and 78s to look forward to, which is more than some of us can say.

Mama Bear said...

Oh what fun it is to read your blog! That first picture of Andrew brings back memories from so long ago that it's almost like that little blonde-haired boy is fictional. Dang he was cute....still is! (I made that little blue suit he's wearing in that first picture - I remember hammering the snaps on the front of the jacket into little jagged bases that were on the other side of the snap...I was not very successful....We called Andrew "boppy" when he was 2 because he bounced up and down when he walked.
What a great woman you are to make this tribute for Andrew- thanks so much Andrea - Love,
Your mother-in-law
Barbara Sweat

Denny & Joe said...

Happy birthday, Andrew! I remember when you were a froggy-voiced little toddler very well. Cute as can be. Thanks for the great list, Andrea.

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! I loved this post. It is so fun learning strange little facts about people. You guys are too cute together.

Amy said...

"Blue Haired Old Ladies"! Wow, that brings back memories for me.

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

Wait... if he had his adenoids removed, shouldn't that have taken care of the snoring problem? Maybe the doctors pulled one over on their 2 year old patient and only removed the tonsils!

Shelley said...

Andrea likes Stephenie Meyer so much she wrote a blog entry to be like her! Great, now we all are going to be in love Edward AND Andrew. :)

Ang said...

What a fun post! And just so you don't think we were dogging Drew on his b-day yesterday . . . we had Ethan's Priesthood Preview after church, then dinner, then went to Tony and Cindy's for cupcakes for Lauren's b-day, and by the time we had one spare minute to call it was 8:30--10:30 your time. And even though we KNOW that Drew is Mr. Late Night, doesn't it always give you a little bit of a heart attack if people call after 10:00?? Well, maybe not if you're the bishop. But we'll call tonight! Promise!

Drew, you are the best. You were the best little brother. (Do you ever recall the two of use fighting?? I don't). I remember you as that cute little blonde guy, too. I would show you off to my friends like I was somehow responsible for your cuteness. Maybe I should send my friends to your blog and have them read this great list so I can continue to show you off!!

Love you. And next time I see you . . . BOGGLE TOURNEY!!!

Ryan said...

All of those comments did nothing but flatter Drew, I think me, Erik and Tony should post the truly embarrassing moments of Andrew's Childhood (keep in mind, by doing this will implicate me).

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

Ryan is right, the list is a bit flattering. Just so that Ryan doesn't publicly humiliate me, I think I would have added three other things to the list:

1. The only reason Andrew won any high school awards is because Ryan Norman was one grade behind him.
2. Andrew and Ryan were always front yard basketball teammates. We always won because Ryan would break Tony's ankles with a crossover then dunk on Erik's noggin.
3. I still remember Ryan Norman's full name, SSN, date of birth, driver's license number, mother's maiden name, place of birth.....(so don't try anything funny, Ryan!)


andrea said...

Greg and/or Nicolle: You have a great point there. We might have to look into a malpractice suit here. Maybe that can fund our early retirement to the beach!

Shelley: I tried to spare the details about how my heart melts when I stare into those eyes that are as blue as the sky on a cloudless summer day....and how I still get butterflies and my knees get weak when Andrew kisses me....but if that's what my fans demand....:)

Ang: We don't often get Bishop-ly calls after midnight, but having the majority of our family members two time zones behind us, we are very used to getting calls between 10 and 11. It's when the phone rings AFTER 11 that we sometimes worry. But before we get it, we usually take bets on if it's my mom or yours. :) And we're usually right.

Ryan: As long as I have editing rights, feel free to e-mail me with your version of Andrew's lucky 33.

Tyler said...

I know I'm a bit late on the Happy Birthday comments, but I'd like to add my two cents. I'm not sure Andrew even remembers me. I worked with him and Ryan (and Tony) at Baskin Robbins, and since that was one of the things that you listed, I feel entitled.

When I think about Andrew I remember how he made me remember "who I was" as my mom always would remind me as I left the house. He was a really good influence on me and I'm sure he didn't even realize it. That's just the kind of guy he was and I'm sure he continues to have that effect on many people. But when he wasn't around, Ryan and Tony and I would have some good times. :D (Not that we did anything too crazy.)

It's good to see that life is treating him well. He deserves it! Thanks for letting me crash your family party. I'll be on my way now, but I wish you all the best life has to offer!