Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pretzel hugs

Everyone knows by now that I'm not a great cook and I'm even worse at baking--in general. Plus, I don't really love either one, so improvement is probably not on the horizon. Well, I got this great idea for an easy, quick, and yummy treat from my friend Becky's blog. Does it get any better than that?

Pretzel hugs!

Here are the directions if you want to give them a try.

Pretzel Hugs
1 bag of waffle-style pretzels
1 pkg milk chocolate M&M's
1 pkg Hershey Hugs

Place pretzels on baking sheet. Unwrap Hug and place on top of pretzel. Bake at 200 degrees for 8 minutes. Remove from oven and place a couple M&M's into melted Hug. Allow several hours to cool.

Just so you know, I thought the Hug would have melted into a puddle of chocolatey goodness in the oven, but it still looked like a Hug after 8 minutes. So I gave it another minute or two. Still Hug-shaped. But when I took it out the chocolate was melted enough that it just kind of pooled when I placed the M&M's.

I served a few of these at a Scrapbooking night I hosted at my house this weekend and they were a hit. I wished I had made more. Hope you enjoy!


Sandy said...

Oh, you little name-dropper you! I say that as probably one of the few of your readers who actually knows who your friend Becky is, and that's she's FAMOUS!! I saw your title and picture and was like...."hmmm...where have I seen those before?" (CK magazine this month). They look GOOD!! As if we don't have enough candy in the house right now...but I'll have to try those at Christmas time or something!!

heart attack victim said...

Can't get enough of those chocolate hugs.

Natalie said...

Those look very yummy. I love the salty sweet combination! I might have to give them a try. And who is becky?

Carrie said...

Looks delicious!!! On a sad note....did you hear that they are recalling Totino's pizzas for an Ecoli scare?? Seth is devastated, of course.

andrea said...

Natalie--Becky is a celebrity only in the scrapbooking world. She went to church with us when we were at BYU.

Carrie--I actually had to mail in a UPC today to get a replacement Totino's! I've never had to do that before. Kinda scary because I fed my kids some of that just a couple days before the recall. Ewwww.

Grandma Sweat said...

Thanks for the recipe - I love sweet and salty too - I think I'm going to actually make these - I'll add it to my Andrea recipe stack that began with your yummy caramel popcorn recipe :) Do you think they would make good neighbor Christmas gifts or are they too messy?
Thanks for out of the Mouth of Babes too - I was so busy last week I missed the whole thing and am just catching up.
Mom Sweat

Erika said...

Thanks for sharing! I LOVED the bag you gave to me when you came to visit teach me:) I think Jeremy killed most of them though. He liked them so much I was going to ask for the recipe.

Thanks again!

Destiny said...

These look so yummy! I'm gonna have to make them.

andrea said...

Mom--as long as you let them cool for a few hours, they make great neighbor gifts. I actually took them to some of my visiting teaching gals and they were very much appreciated.