Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Proud new owners of....

I am probably more giddy today than I will be on Christmas morning because we just made a major purchase that I have been waiting YEARS to get. I've tried to be patient and now it has paid off. Woo hoo! I've already spilled the beans to most of you, but here are some hints for everyone else:



Did you guess yet?
Here's the give-away:

Yep, we got a PIANO!!!
I am ecstatic.
I feel so lucky.
I feel a little bit spoiled.
But, it's a good feeling. :)
Isn't is beautiful?
It's old...I think they said it was made in
1973, so that makes it older than Andrew!
But the previous owners either
a.) never played it or
b.) took amazing care of it
because it looks brand new and plays beautifully.
I'm in love.

The kids are excited about it, too.
As soon as Whit got home from school
yesterday, she took her turn playing it.
She didn't let the broken arm slow her down.

I don't know if B has had a turn yet because I had to pick him up early from school yesterday and head straight to Duke to see Whit's boyfriend....Dr. Buckley. It was a LOOOOONG wait, but we tried to exercise the patience that we're continuing to learn. Her vision has gone down slightly since her last visit. He seemed unconcerned about it and said to just continue our patching routine--two hours a day--and come back in 3 months. He said everything else looks great. Her alignment is good and her coordination (using her eyes together) does, too. He feels like her long-term prognosis is very promising if we could just get rid of this darn lazy eye.

I have not been the most faithful patching parent over the last few months. It's hard to remember to do it for two hours a day, especially when I don't want her to patch at school and then we come home, eat lunch, and take naps.....I'm going to try to do better over the next three months. Ok, I can't promise that I'll try, but I'll try to try. (One of our favorite Simpson's lines ever.)


Marianne said...

Your piano is beautiful! I'm sure your family will love having a home filled with your playing! :)

Natalie said...

That piano is so beautiful! So do the kids know how to play yet? Or are you planning on teaching them? I am so jealous! I always wish that I knew how to play the piano.

Sandy said...

Beautiful piano!! We totally lucked into ours a few years ago at Christmas time - I TOTALLY understand your excitement! There's something about having a piano in the house that makes it seem more like a HOME, you know? I need to be better about practicing, though...the newness of it has worn off...although the kids have never gotten tired of it. Heather sits there and and makes up songs about orcas and dolphins nearly every day:) Enjoy it!!

Jayne said...

I'm really excited for you - I know how much you've longed for a piano! Our piano is from the 1920s - ha! yours is a baby.

We've moved this piano four times and never tuned it. That's awful, isn't it? I guess my ear isn't very well trained; it sounds good enough to me.

Denny & Joe said...

Congratulations on your new piano, Andrea. It's beautiful! I'm sure your whole family will love it. And thanks for a new saying: "I'll try to try" (I like that a lot).

Amy said...

I'm so excited for you! I'm sure you and your whole family will love having it and it will get a lot of good use.

Laurie said...

My piano is from the early 1900s, so I'm jealous you've got a "newer" piano! It's beautiful! Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

"I love a piano" --(Irving Berlin)
Everybody loves a piano.
No home should be without one.
Yours looks beautiful. (French Provincial?)
Coming soon: Chopsticks, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Happy Farmer, endless recital pieces,
Chopin, Mozart, Rachmaninoff,
and decades of church pianists.
The Grandparents in Sandy

Carrie said...

Congratulations! I don't play that well, but I love listening to Seth play our piano. My mom gave us her piano when she got a new one. It's old too, but probably no where near as old as Andrew. : )

Ang said...

What a beautiful piano. Congrats!! And your piano isn't THAT old, considering it's one year younger than me :-).

Grandma Sweat said...

I'm soooo happy for you! You will love, love, love having a piano as much as anyone I know - and the kids will love it too. And I'm with your friend Sandy, it makes a house a home.

The picture of the dismantled Christmas tree in your next post (that I am too disorganized to comment on) made me laugh out loud!
Love you guys,
Grandma Sweat