Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Boy or Girl?

I'll do a post-Christmas commentary later, but for now the countdown is on. We get our ultrasound on Thursday morning, so if you want to make a guess before we find out, now's the time to do it.

So far, the votes very slightly favor a boy. Here's what I've got:

Sandy, Jackie, Laurie, MIL, Amy, Dave, Brandon and I all think it's a boy.
Angie, Angelica, G & G Hiatt, Denny, Andrew and Whitney all think it's a girl.

Boy: 8 Girl: 7

Anyone else want to get on this?

If any previous voter wants to change his or her vote, let me know. Also if you have any questions for me that you feel might give you a more accurate prediction, let me have 'em.


Anonymous said...

Remind me to tell you the true story of a country doctor who always predicted correctly, years before ultrasounds were available, and who hand two generations of mothers who swore by his accuracy.
If interested, e-mail me.
Grandpa Hiatt

Natalie said...

I am thinking Girl.

Andi's Dad said...

Your mom and I are both leaning towards a Girl. Isn't there also the chance that they won't know for sure by this first ultrasound? Regardless, we're thinking pink.

andrea said...

Dad--As long as there are no complications, this will probably be our only shot at finding out the gender, so let's hope the little one cooperates. I ended up having multiple ultrasounds with Whit because they thought she wasn't growing enough, but for a normal pregnancy, this will be it!

MIL said...

I know I had previously guessed boy (based upon the strong jawline on the ultrasound) but when I was talking with you yesterday, in my mind I was saying "she" - so can I change my votE?

Carrie said...

Is it too late to vote? I vote GIRL!!! I can't wait to find out!

Oh, and yes I am still teaching your class on Sunday. Have fun on your trip!!