Thursday, May 25, 2006

Boo on the SOUL PATROL!

I am just not a Taylor Hicks fan. I don't know what it is. I remember wondering at the beginning of the season if he knew how he looked when he sang and danced. He honestly looks like he is pain or having spasms or something. It's kind of embarassing. Hey, I guess it works for him. I can't believe he won American Idol. I, like most people I talk with, REALLY wanted Chris to win, but my second favorite was Katherine. She didn't pull it off, though. Bummer.

I also can't believe they drag a RESULTS show into a two hour ordeal. I recorded it and still have to go back and watch parts. I thought it would be lame, but the parts that I saw actually looked good. I loved the idea of the "Golden Idol" awards. I can't wait to see who the other winners were. (I basically just watched during the commercials of LOST.)

Speaking of LOST--what an awesome show! I am going to miss it so much over the summer! Andrew and I have started listening to the LOST podcasts and they are very enlightening. I love to hear what the producers have to say about the shows. They also give little tidbits of information that I don't always catch when I watch the show. So, what are "THE OTHERS" going to do with Jack, Kate, and Sawyer? What was up with that HUGE statue of a four-toed foot? Are Sayid, Jin, and Sun ok? Was I supposed to assume that Desmond died when he turned that key and prevented the island from blowing up? So many questions!!

Oh, and just so you know that my life isn't completely based on the TV shows that I watch, I'll include in this post that today was Brandon's end of the year party at his Preschool today. Diane and I helped out. It was fun. Diane got T-shirts for each of the kids and we painted their hands and had them leave handprints on everyone's shirts as a keepsake. It turned out cute. We also had them bring their favorite board games to play together. That was kind of wild. They all wanted to play their own games, instead of trying out their friends'. Whitney was with me and was an angel through the morning. She loves playing in Brandon's classroom. She is SO ready for preschool, but I'm going to wait at least one more year and just play with her.

Look at the cool shirts we made!
(By the way, is this an amazing photo or what? How did I get seven 5-year-olds to all be looking at the camera AND smiling at the same time. I was pretty impressed with myself!)

Brandon and friends
with the more common facial expressions
in photos of 5 year olds!
(Yes, Brandon's shirt is on backwards. If he has a printed T-shirt and likes the design on the back better than the front, he wears them backwards so that he can see the cool design. I don't mind at all. I think it's kind of a cute quirk. It really bugs Andrew, though.)


Angie said...

What a cute blog! Andi, really, you're the best at any kind of keep-in-touch-record-your-life kind of stuff of anybody I know. It was a lot of fun to read--and I look forward to more!

And as far as the Soul Patrol is concerned . . . I was a big Chris fan as well. He was my fave. I also kind of liked Paris (although the way she always said, "Thaynk Yewh" after everything a judge said, even if it wasn't a compliment, got a little grating, but the girl is 17.) But out of Katherine and Taylor I liked Taylor better, and it was only because I felt like Taylor was a little less fakey-fakey. Sometimes I felt like Katherine was trying to hard to be humble, you know? She'd get that little look of strained surprise whenever anybody gave her a compliment. But she's a young thing, too, so I should cut her some slack. And that SONG they made her sing for the final. AWFUL!!! Who writes those things???!!! Poor girl.

AND I'm a big Lost watcher as well. Yesterday was a great episode . . . but I hope they're not going to lose the supernatural angle too much. I liked thinking that they were all in the spirit world (spirit prison) and didn't know it . . . :-) (that's why certain people were being "taken" and others weren't). But I don't think J.J. Abrams is a Mormon, so chances are we won't be veering off in that direction anytime soon.

So, anyway, beyond all that chatter about TV shows, we closed on our house this morning!! It was the smoothest closing I've ever been a part of (and I've been a part of way too many). We're moving in tomorrow . . . but they're still at the house today doing last minute stuff. Sigh. I'll let you know on Mon how everything went. Hopefully it won't be us, the inspectors, the movers, the painters, and the RC Willey Furniture delivery guy all there tomorrow at the same time. Gonna be mass chaos, I'm sure. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Ivory Homes will get everything done by tomorrow morning at the very latest so it can be clean and in good shape to move into.

So how's this for a comment? Way too long, I'm sure!

Great blog! Love ya, Ang

Amy B. said...

Hi Andi! I love your blog. Thanks for setting that up so that all of us can be amazed. :) Your pictures are adorable, and I loved the updates on your family and favorite TV shows.

Have to agree with you about Taylor winning. Who voted for him anyway? Catherine had a better voice, but I agree with Angie about her being too fake. I also liked Paris initially, but I didn't care for the songs she kept choosing.

"Lost" was so interesting. I am wondering about the same things you and Angie mentioned. So are John (Locke) and the big priest-guy dead, or what? Somehow I doubt it, since Charlie was surprised that they weren't back at the campsite. And what was up with the abandoned Others campsite? Was that whole place just a set-up? What was that big white light? What exactly was the girlfriend monitoring? Are the Others seriously going to just let Michael and Walt go? I can't believe Michael betrayed everyone and actually killed Anna-Lucia and Libby. Anna-Lucia was so grating at first, but I kind of liked her towards the end. And I wanted to find out why Libby was at the crazy place with

Laurie said...

Last night was definitely my favorite episode of Lost. I just started watching at teh beginning of Season 2.

I have to admit I liked Taylor. I like his personality. I doubt I'd ever buy his music, but I just enjoyed how nice, happy, genuine he seemed. Be sure and rewind so you see the Clay Aiken fan part. That was pretty funny.

Laurie said...

Oh, forgot to mention - here's the cheesecake dessert - you just make up fat free, sugar free cheesecake pudding. I made up two of the small boxes. Then I put it in muffin paper cups and refrigerated (for at least an hour). Then topped it with crushed graham cracker and cherry pie filling. It was really good for not having cream cheese.

Jayne said...

Andrea, your blog is a delight!

And I'm glad that you mentioned being a friend on your "About Me" section because you are a wonderful friend to have - I consider myself SO blessed that we have become friends!

Now that I've read your blog & some of the comments I want to watch Lost - maybe I'll watch the previous season's DVDs this summer... perhaps it will compensate for my American Idol withdrawal.

Testing said...

We tried to post something a few minutes ago but it hasn't shown up so this is a test.

Barchard said...

Hello Andrea! Can you guess who we are?

Here are some hints:

We share the same jeans.

One of us a first-born, the other is the last-born.

The age difference between us is the same as your current age.

We usually live in two separate time zones but as we're writing this we're in the same time zone.

One of us was named after an ant. The other one of us was named after the doctor who delivered "them" and it pains this writer to use the term "them" because of "their" former profession.

We both love you!

Who are we?

andrea said...

You've got me stumped! No idea who you are. Are you going to tell?

BARCHARD said...

Come on now, you're a smart woman.
Think about it.
What two people, both related to you by marriage, are 28 years apart in age?
One more hint: today the younger of the two is now in the mountain time zone but was in the pacific time zone Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

andrea said...

Ok. I think I've got it. Andrew was convinced that the comment was from some spamming company and told me not to lose any sleep over it, but I thought it was real. And I was right!

Drum roll, please! Is it Barb and Richard???? aka Mom and Grandpa Hiatt???

We're too out of the loop--we didn't even realize that this was the weekend Barb and Dennis were coming to visit you guys. So that part of the hint didn't help much. And now that I know that's the answer, all the little clues make sense, but they were complete gibberish to me yesterday. :)

The last part of BARCHARD said...

See, I told you you were smart.
Don't pay any attention to Andrew; he's only the Bishop.