Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What a fun week!

Me and my girlfriends at the birthday party

Some of Brandon's friends from school at field day

I can't believe it's only Wed. I've already had a really fun week. My friend, Diane, had her 40th birthday party yesterday. Several of my girlfriends got together to celebrate. We had a great time.

Today was field day at Brandon's school. I volunteered to help out. Whitney and I were in charge of the soccer station. So, we had about 150 kids come through and kick soccer balls at the goal, while we cheered for them. Man, is my throat sore! They did a great job on the field day. They had jumping castles, water games, sports, and races. When I asked Brandon if he liked it, he said, 'Pony head Yes!" I don't even know what that means, but I think he liked it. :)

He says the funniest things. On Sunday after church while we were eating lunch he said, "Mom, I think William, Peter, and me are the coolest kids in Primary." (yea, don't think I have to worry about low self-esteem with this one!) I said, "Why are you guys the coolest?" He replied, "Because we know how to read and stuff." By the way, Brandon is 4, but both William and Peter are 11! He followed that up with, "But I haven't been to William's house to see his toys. I don't know if he has any cool ones. Maybe we can go to his house sometime."

Brandon also had a T-ball game last night. He did really well. He had two good hits (they only play two innings and get 1 at bat each time.) And he even remembered to run to first this game. He had been having problems with either just strolling along or waiting for another pitch to come after he'd already gotten a hit. Playing out in the field is a little harder. It's just hard to pay attention to a batter for that long! He did have one good stop, though.

And tonight is a BIG tv night! American Idol AND Lost season finales! I guess I better get everything that is really necessary taken care of before 8 pm, because nothing productive is going to happen after that tonight! I hope Catherine wins. I am just not a Taylor fan. He kind of bugs me. I tried to call and vote about 29 times, but I never got through and forgot to try later in the night.


Amy said...

Andi, you have a blog?! I didn't know you had one until I clicked on your name on my blog. Now we aren't the only people in the family with one. I love that story about Brandon being cool. He's so funny and I can totally picture him saying that. Keep the funny stories and the pictures coming!

Incanus said...
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Incanus said...

copycat :)

By the way, I suggest you enable anonymous posting so that people without blog user accounts can leave comments.

Laurie said...

I can't believe it's already Weds either. So much I still have to do. I'm looking forward to Lost and AI tonight too. I'm off to do all my "chores." I love how you even labeled your pics.

andrea said...

Amy--You are so cool that you found me on your own. I haven't told anyone except Andrew and my friend Laurie(who inspired me) that I have started this. I wanted to make sure I was really going to keep it up before I did any "advertising." :) Oh, and thanks for the tip about letting anonymous users post! Can you tell I'm a rookie???