Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes--March

This has been kind of a rough parenting month. Lots of behavioral issues and power struggles. I think I was focused on the negative and missed out on a lot of the fun stuff, so OOMB is very short this month.

I think we've found the disciplinary tactic that's working for now, so hopefully next month will be better. :)

But I have taken a bazillion pictures that didn't belong in any other posts, so I'm just going to throw them in here.

Because they're too fun to go unshared.

3/5--While listening to a CD this afternoon, Whit made the comment, "This is my surviving music."
Me: "What's 'surviving?'"
W: Living out in the forest...and being cool.
I think her daddy has had some influence here.

Don't mess with me while I'm listening
to my surviving music.

3/6--We were driving around today for some errands and apparently Whit thought I was driving a little too fast. She said, "Mom, you're a fast poke. Not a slow poke. You need to get a yellow light. That means slow down!"

Someone call the fashion police.
We've got a clashing cowgirl on the loose.

3/9--Last year for Mother's Day, Whit made me a sweet little stepping stone with her handprint in it. I loved it! Well, she was trying to move it around outside and apparently dropped it. It didn't survive the fall. But rather than come in and talk to me about it, she decided to fix it herself. She sneaked into the office and grabbed the scotch tape. This is what I found outside:
Thanks for trying, sweetie.
But that just isn't going to work.

3/22--W was eating pretzels. She likes to bite off pieces of them and make different shapes. Today she took a circular portion of it, put it around one of her eyes and said, "I want a monocle!"
(Apparently that outdated eyewear was featured on Sid the Science kid. And, who knows, maybe that'll be the next great treatment for lazy eye!)

Whit's latest trick:
Blowing bubbles with her gum!
(How long 'till we find some in her hair?)

Care Bear's latest tricks:
Climbing the stairs

And beating her big bro at lightsaber duels.

3/30--The NC Zoo had two main sections--North America and Africa. As we were leaving there today, Brandon found 17 cents he had forgotten about in the cup holder of his booster seat. He said, "Aw, man! I wish I would've brought my money into the zoo. You can buy a lot with seventeen cents in Africa!"

The tooth fairy was just here...
and all B had left was a measly 17 cents.

And check out the beetles he's been digging up in the backyard:
They're huge!
He loves them.
They totally creep me out.

Caroline finally has enough hair to wake up
with bed head some mornings.
So cute!
I tried to put it up in a little pigtail:
Ok. We're not quite ready for that.
Better stick with the little hair bows.
(But she doesn't look convinced.)

She's tall enough to see out of the windows now:
She spends a lot of time watching. (and longing?)

Two last bonus pics of Care Bear because I
think she is just about the cutest 10 month old EVER!
And I'm totally not biased. Ha.


The Oregonians said...

No doubt about it --Caroline is destined to be a Jedi Knight, just like her big brother.
"May the force be with you."

Mom Sweat said...

That last picture is so sweet - the look on Andrew's face says it all. Thanks for the best part of the month!
Grandma Sweat

Ang said...

I LOVE that last picture! And I always wanted one of my kids to lose both their front teeth simultaneously. B looks awesome! Pretty soon he'll have gigantic can opener teeth like Jonas.

Natalie said...

I love looking at that baby! So cute. And how funny that Whit called you out on driving too fast.

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

Whit's right - you are a "fast poke." Loved the pictures, especially of Baby Bear. Thanks for the laughs w/OOMB.

Kiersten said...

Another fun post. Great pictures...I also love that last one, it's priceless!

carrie said...

I love Whitney's idea of "surviving music". I think I need to make a new cd...

And I also got a chuckle out of the princess shoes she's wearing while attempting to fix the stepping stone. Gotta stay in fashion, no matter the job. Ü

Shelley said...

why do my baby talk posts start with the same sentiment? (i've been having some behavioral problems at my house, so trying to focus on the positive...)

thanks for inspiring me to do this for my own family. it really does help when we've had a bad month to go back and see the funny stuff that DOES actually happen.