Thursday, May 20, 2010

Male bonding

Brandon has been in Cub Scouts for almost a year now.  He has wonderful leaders and has enjoyed trying new things while earning belt loops and patches.  Recently he and Andrew participated in a Scout Hunt n' Fish Day.  I think it was the epitome of male bonding.  And he LOVED it. 

Check out some of the cool stuff he did:

Looks like a natural.
(I couldn't help but think of Katniss.)

Look at that aim!
He even got one bull's eye.

Practiced casting

And then got to try fishing.

I think his very favorite part was this:
BB Guns
(You'll shoot your eye out!)

Or he'll just shoot the middle of the target to pieces.
If we ever have to rely on hunting for our sustenance,
Brandon will definitely be our go-to guy.

So glad the boys in the family could enjoy a day like this together.


Natalie said...

KATNISS!!! Oh how I love her! Brandon has some serious skills. He will be able to provide for your families meat needs in case of an emergency...oh wait you don't eat meat! Can we have it then? :).

Grandma Sweat said...

Bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills, BB gun bullseye skills, fishing skills, melting grandma's heart skills - the kid has it ALL! I just finished The Hunger Games . The other day I saw a little piece of plastic on the soccer field and it looked like a parachute and my mind spun off to thinking it might be one of those "helps" that floated down to Katniss (I can't think of what they called them) and then I had to shake myself back to reality - weird!

Grandma Sweat

The Scout Dad said...

The Hunt 'n Fish Day was great and yes, we definitely bonded. Nothing brings fathers and sons closer than lethal weapons.

andrea said...

Natalie--if it comes down to starve or eat meat, you can bet we'll be having some sweet cook outs down here. Feel free to join us. :)

carmar76 said...

He definitely looks like he was enjoying the experience! Good job, B!

Kiersten said...

The archery and BB gun shooting are the two things that my boys love about Cub Scout day camp!

Mike said...

I was searching the internet and ran upon your post about the Scout Hunt-N-Fish Day.
I am glad to see that you all enjoyed the event.
It is good to see that we are making a difference in the lives of our youth.

We look forward to seeing you all attend our next event.

Mike Baker
SHFDay Founder