Tuesday, May 04, 2010

For your viewing pleasure

We had a talent show at church last week.  It was surprising to see how many hidden talents were in the ward.  There was an amazing family band, a classical pianist, a jammin' guitar duo, and several instrumentalists.  It was such a fun night.  You know my family couldn't pass up the opportunity to participate.  We contributed to three entries.  First, three of my mommy friends put together a dance routine.  You have to watch it to appreciate it.

It was so much fun to dance with these girls.  Even though I was definitely the oddball.  Not only am I six inches taller than everyone else, but I am the only one who has never taken a dance class in her life.  Luckily I didn't totally blow it.  :)

Oh, and I'm also the only one who doesn't know 
how to make a good spy face.

Thanks to Shelley for being our choreographer and helping us tone our legs before swimsuit season.

Next, Brandon helped with a cub scout skit.  And I didn't even tape it.  Sorry, B-train.  He did a great job, though, and it was funny.

Finally, Andrew and Whitney have been working on a Daddy/Daughter dance for the last several months.  They would add a move every few weeks and Whit loved practicing with him every chance she got.

Whit did the choreography herself.  I was impressed.  Especially loved the robot and her cartwheels.

Caroline didn't have a formal entry.  But she did demonstrate to everyone her talent for mess-making.
She REALLY enjoyed the refreshments.

And when the show was over, she marched her little
messy face right up on the stage and danced with Mia.
Maybe we can come up with a routine for the two of them for next year.


Megan said...

Well at least you didn't lose your baby off the stage! And Whit didn't lose her pants! LOL! Good times!

Natalie said...

The dance was awesome! I am still amazed at how no one messed up during crunch time. And Care bear's face is hilarious in that one picture!

Ang said...


carmar76 said...

Those dances were great! You all did a fabulous job, and that's neat that your ward put all of it together! Lovely!! : )

Erika said...

Andrea, you were great in our routine!!! It was so much fun and we should definitely do it again next year. As for Mia and Caroline...they WILL be in the show next year! I'm already planning it in my head:)

A Hunter said...

SO sorry I missed it! You guys did a great job!! Bri's favorite part of the whole night was "Whitney's Flip with her daddy". I'm glad I know what she is talking about now.

Grandma Sweat said...

You guys rock and ROLL!!
Grandma Sweat

Sandy said...

Wow - I'm so impressed!