Friday, April 30, 2010

Out of the mouth of babes--April

4/3--Caroline's favorite word of the month:  Why?
C:  Chips, Mommy.
Me:  I don't have any chips.
C:  Why?
Me:  Because I didn't pack any.
C:  Why?
Me:  Because we just ate dinner.
C:  Why?
...she just goes on and on like this.

 Why are you wearing that name tag?
Why are you holding a napkin?
Why are you so dang cute?

4/6--While I was in Whit's classroom volunteering today, she wrote a poem for me.

"As graceful as a butterfly she dances.
She loves me.
And I love her too."

Sweet as sugar, I tell ya.

4/7--Whit was helping me plan her birthday party.  I asked her to write down a list of foods she'd like.  Then I got a phone call and left her on her own.  I was checking over the list.  It started off with party foods you'd expect:  Pissa, chocolat ice crem.  The other two were completely off the wall:  leftovrs and frid rise.

Why can't we serve leftovers and fried rice at my party?

4/9--At the Grasshoppers baseball game, it started getting chilly.  Even though we were wearing jackets, Whit was shivering.  She told Andrew, "My beauty is cold."  He repeated that to me and I started laughing.  He said, "She's pretty serious about it."  I looked to see that she had tears in her eyes.  He asked her, "Where is your beauty?"  She replied, "I said 'My bootie is cold.'"  Oops.

Aaagh!  An alligator's attacking my beauty!

4/11--During sacrament meeting, Brandon leaned over and whispered in my ear, "You smell like over-roasted s'mores."  Hmmm... Is that a compliment?

 Sweet talker

4/15--Caroline is obsessed with baby worms and bumble-bees.  If we see an insect of any type, she will give it one of these names and refer to it frequently.

 Our baby worm

4/18--Caroline went to bed first tonight.  When the big kids went upstairs, we heard them cracking up laughing.  I went to investigate and this is what I found:

 Caroline had fallen asleep with this book right on her face.
Already developing a love for reading.

4/20--Whit was very concerned about looking good before she went to school today.  She wanted to look fancy without wearing a dress, chose clip-on earrings and a necklace, and even wore lip gloss.  I thought maybe she had a new crush, but she informed me that a little boy in her class yesterday told her that girls weren't pretty.  She was a on a mission to prove him wrong.

She doesn't need to convince us.
We've got proof that girls are pretty.

4/21--B was a little under the weather today.  We were out in the backyard playing and he said, "I feel like I'm being controlled by someone in the virtual world."  O.  K.  Then when it was time for bed and he was feeling a little better, "I think the guy that was controlling me in the virtual world logged off."

 I didn't want to climb the tree, Mom.
It was the man controlling me from the virtual world!

4/24--We passed an old mill and Andrew was telling the kids how cool it is that people could harness the power of water to move big machines before they had electricity.  Brandon, who always seems to bring the conversation back to Harry Potter, said, "You remind me of Ron's dad and the way he always talks about Muggle stuff."

 I've heard that Muggles love baseball.

4/24--Brandon is now coming up with anti-smoking public service announcements.  We passed a man smoking a cigar in his car.  B said, "They should make posters for people who watch LOST that say, 'Don't smoke or the smoke monster will get you.'"  Very clever.

 Next campaign?
The good egg project.
4/25--Whitney tried on a pair of my sunglasses with brownish lenses and said, "Everything looks like soy sauce!"

She then proceeded to create a soy sauce hairdo with them.

4/25--Andrew and I were talking about how beautiful North Carolina is.  He said, "It will be hard to leave here someday, huh?"  Whitney overheard and said, "We can just get a map."

4/25--Brandon's random thought from the backseat of the van, "I wonder if there's a museum called 'The Museum of Chain Link Fences.'"

4/28--Whit was thinking about fortune tellers and asked, "What if there was such thing as a five-chin teller?"

Let me check my crystal ball.

*A few bonus pics because I think they are so cute*

Caroline thinks she's ready to start her softball career

Drew and Care Bear

At Grandma's request, a pic of C 
wearing Whit's big old purple crocs. 

B, Caroline, and Lauren.
Look at those smiles!


Ang said...

This is a OOTMOB classic! Love the virtual world comment, and the soy sauce observation. The things that go on in kids' heads!

carmar76 said...

Love the smoke monster & comparison to Ron's dad's muggle obsession. : ) Cute pics as always, as well!

Natalie said...

So many good ones this month! I love Brandon's smoke monster ad and the fact that Whit wants to serve leftovers at her party. You must be a great cook! And that pic of Caroline with the book on her head is hilarious!

Grandma Sweat said...

Thanks for the pink crocs picture!!! My favorite - "we can just get a map!"
This post was, as always, a highlight of my month. I'm continually surprised each month when I see OOTMOB's - you'd think I'd remember to start counting down the days as the month winds down - but I suppose it's more fun to be surprised anyway!
Grandma Sweat

Sawyers Family said...

I laughed right out loud SEVERAL times! Your kids are sooo funny!

shelley said...

and yet you still managed to outshine your kids...

"the alligator is attacking my beauty!"

does anyone actually wonder why your kids are so stinking hilarious?!?

The Oregonians said...

The soy sauce hair do is a classic.