Sunday, April 25, 2010

Recent sources of happiness

In the ups and downs of life, I am happy to be enjoying mostly ups at the moment. I know it could be fleeting, so am drinking in the goodness while it lasts.  A few of my blessings:

*Lunch with girlfriends

*Reading for fun.

*Watching Brandon get recognition for all his hard work at school

*Seeing Caroline ride a pony for the first time
at the school carnival.  She was THRILLED and
talked about it for days.

*Great behavior from my kids during sacrament meeting today.

*B's silly sense of humor

*Family movie night:  Wall-E

*Watering and weeding our little backyard garden.

*Watching my girls entertain themselves by racing
back and forth...back and forth.  Caroline loves running.

*Seeing Whitney progress in her tumbling class

*Participating in a church service project at The Servant Garden.
It felt good to get my hands dirty,
but it really warmed my heart

to see my kids giving of themselves.

It was hard work for a good cause.
The Servant Garden raises fresh produce to 
distribute to those in need in our community.
We helped remove rocks and debris from the
field to prepare it for planting.

*Family date night.
Our babysitter was unavailable this weekend, so we spent
our allotted babysitting money to take the whole fam out for Japanese.
Yum!  Whit proposed the idea that we eat out as a family EVERY
Saturday night.  Nice try, honey.

*Spending a beautiful Sunday afternoon at a city park we'd
never visited:  The Bog Garden.  Sounds muddy, right?

 There are swampy sections, but there were also gorgeous parts:

Beautiful blooms 
on trees.

A mama duck with her ducklings.
(There are not many things cuter!)

A waterfall.
(Instant relaxation.)

Green, green everywhere.
(Have I mentioned that I love NC?)

So many reasons to smile.


The Oregonians said...

What a great post. Beautiful children (and parents) in beautiful scenery doing beautiful things.
Thanks for sharing.
Love to you all.
Andrew: Take your good looking family back to that same board walk and take a picture of them coming toward you. (That's the stage director in me; "Cast, just try not to turn your backs to the audience.")

carrie said...

It's good to make note of and remember the happy moments, isn't it. Great post! It's a good reminder for all of us to do the same.

shelley said...

who's that cute little girl walking through the dirt in the blue shirt behind whitney? she's adorable! :)

Natalie said...

Wow the Bog garden does look nice. We will have to check that out soon!

Grandma Sweat said...

Recent Source of Happiness - Reading your blog! Thanks for all the fun and funny pictures and your written words. Hooray for blogs.
Grandma Sweat