Friday, April 16, 2010

Whitney at SIX

Happy birthday, Whitney!  You are one of the sweetest girls in the whole world.  We are SO blessed to have you in our family.  Here are some of the things we love about you as a six-year-old girl.

*You have a talent for making others feel good about themselves.  You are quick to compliment and rarely criticize.  You genuinely care about those around you.  I love that you ask me how my day was and will randomly give hugs and say "I love you."

*You have an incredible imagination.  You are perfectly happy playing by yourself upstairs.  Your mind can take you to far off places and you have a whole set of "fake friends" to play with there.

*You are a fantastic helper!  You are always asking to help when I cook and you do a great job.  I think you'll be ready to take over responsibility for the family meals within the next couple of years.  :)  You also watch out for your little sister and let us know when she's into mischief, "Mom!  Caroline has a permanent marker!"

*We love hearing you sing and watching you dance.  You seem to always have a song in your head and walk around the house singing it.  I love that you sing for your teachers on the playground, too.  Don't lose that confidence, sweetheart!

*I love watching you walk into the bonus room after your bath at night.  You are wearing cute pajamas and your hair has been parted and combed and looks so smooth.  It makes me happy to see you snuggle up with Daddy and read the scriptures before bed.

*You have a silly side.  You love to laugh.  You even have a great fake laugh that you bust out on occasion.  When you hear a funny joke, you'll repeat it to us for several days, hoping for that same happy reaction.

*I love that you are already developing an insatiable appetite for reading.  It has been so fun to watch your reading skills explode over the last few months and to find you asleep with a pile of books beside your bed.  It is amazing that you are already reading and understanding chapter books.

*You love to eat and enjoy a wide variety of tastes.  A few of your interesting favorites:  shrimp, asparagus, baby corn, olives, pickles, and mangoes.  It is so nice for me to know that no matter what I cook, at least one member of the family is going to enjoy it.

*I love that you are so well-behaved at church.  Some weeks can be hard for me to take care of all three kids while Daddy has to sit at the front of the chapel.  You are almost always reverent and writing things down in your Sunday notebook.  It means so much to me.

We will love you forever, no matter what, Whit.  Thanks for all the smiles, hugs, and love you share.  You are a special little girl.


Natalie said...

Awww. When we first moved into the ward Whit would run around places screaming at the top of her lungs. My has she grown up! What a sweet girl.

Anonymous said...

Whit, wish we were there to share your special day with you! Hope it is a wonderful day and know we love you so much. Gigi

Andrew said...

I love you so much, Whitney. You always seem to make me happy. One of the other things I like about you at six years old is doing our secret dance routine together. Especially the back flip finale!

Love, Dad

carrie said...

Happy Birthday, Whitney! Hope you have a fun day. Ü

carmar76 said...

Happy Birthday, Whitney! My nephew Leyton's bday is today as well. : )

Joey/Denny/Emma said...

What a sweet post, and what gorgeous photos of the beautiful birthday girl. Happy birthday, Whitney!

The Oregonians said...

A beautiful, loving six year old who likes to sing, read, tell jokes and eat shrimp --Whitney, you're a wonderful great -granddaughter. Happy 6th birthday. Love to you and your family.

amy said...

Happy Birthday Whit!

Great photos! Did you take them?

Sandy said...

Beautiful pictures! What a cutie - happy birthday!

andrea said...

Yes, Amy, I took the pics. Her top teeth are loose and I was determined to get some good ones of her before she hits the awkward mixed dentition phase that lasts until she's like thirteen.

Grandma Sweat said...

Happy Birthday Whit, you adorable child! It was fun to read all of the thoughts you wrote about her - she will love reading those when she's older and it will help her remember this age which is still right on the verge of being too young to REALLY remember once you're a grown-up - I think childhood has three phases - birth to six - then six to twelve, then twelve to eighteen. White's graduated with pizzaz from that first phase and she's always seemed way ahead of herself anyway so it's about time!
Love to Whit and all of you,
Grandma Sweat

Julia Warren said...

What a wonderful girl she is! Happy Birthday, Whitney!