Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our week in photos


Walking group.
I love walking with my friends every week
and visiting afterward while our kids play.
This week was hot.  The kids were all red-faced.
Caroline thinks she can hang with the big girls.

After an FHE lesson on general conference,
we dyed Easter eggs.
A little late, but a tradition I didn't want to miss.


Whoa.  Is it really April?  It feels like July.

Made invitations to Whit's birthday party.
She wanted a teddy bear theme and I 
couldn't find anything in the stores.


Caroline got new pj's.
Her first nightgown since she outgrew
those fun newborn ones that tie at the bottom.
I think it is the cutest thing ever.
She calls it her "princess jammies."
I think Whitney informed her that Tinkerbell
is a fairy and not a princess.


I took my first stats exam.  I felt pretty good going into it, but once I saw the test, I threw up a little bit in my mouth.  There were five short answer questions that counted for half of the exam and then 15 multiple choice.  I think I did fine on the MC, but was not at all prepared for short answers.  Boo!  Hopefully I still did OK.

It rained and rained in the afternoon/evening.

I didn't take any pictures.


America's pastime:
 We went to a Grasshoppers game.
Didn't realize it was a double-header because last
night's game got rained out.  Had a fabulous time.

Drew and his girls.
This will be the only type of baseball we'll enjoy this summer,
because for the first time since he was old enough to play,
Brandon has chosen not to play baseball.  Andrew and I
are bummed.  He wants to play soccer in the fall instead.
To each his own, right?


Andrew watched the kids in the morning so I could go shopping.  Then lots and lots of yardwork.  The kids washed the van.  I think they just wanted an excuse to get in their swimsuits.  And I think the van might actually be dirtier than when they started.  But they had fun.  Andrew golfed nine holes.  Then we went to a family birthday party for one of Whit's friends from church, Naomi.  Another great day.


Since we hung around in our pj's and comfy clothes watching conference all day Easter Sunday, I had to get my pics of the kids in their Easter finery today.

Such cuties!
Good thing it only takes one good shot.

The rest of them looked like this.

Or this.
Little Miss Caroline did NOT want her picture taken.

Also refused to put this stick down.

The closest thing I got to a head shot.

Brandon and Whit, on the other hand,
were great models.
W in pink polka dots.

Our sweetheart.

B looking dashing in last year's suit.
OK, maybe the sleeves are getting a little short.
He lost his glasses.  I keep hoping they'll show up.
But it has been almost two weeks.
Time to turn his room upside down 
and then bite the bullet to buy a new pair.

I can't get over how he's growing into such a big kid.
He just finished reading The Hobbit tonight and asked me to
request Lord of the Rings from the library.

Took quiet time after church.  Caroline and I napped.  The big kids read or played quietly.  Then we played in the backyard in gorgeous 70-something degree weather.  Ate navajo tacos for dinner.  Family walk around the neighborhood.  Caroline wore Whitney's crocs from last year.  It was hilarious to see her tromping around in them.  Played outside some more.  This is my absolute favorite time of year.

I have LOVED watching my backyard go from this

To THIS over the past three weeks.
It's invigorating.


carmar76 said...

Love it when the trees turn green! But definitely not ready for 90 degree weather. Eeep!

The Oregonians said...

Great post; lots of pictures.
Kids all look great in their Easter outfits. Caroline is growing up so fast! Beautiful kids, alll of them.
Soccer moms have more fun.

Ang said...

Wow, Brandon. Even I can't get through Lord of the Rings. (But that's because any book that requires a fantastical map in the beginning is already almost over my head.) He and Jonas should start a cousins' book club! Seriously.

Love the pictures, love the beautiful greenery. Can't believe it's been in the NINETIES!!!

Grandma Sweat said...

Oh thanks for these beautiful pictures and also for the commentary. We are so spoiled by you that I fully expected to see a PICTURE of Caroline in the pink crocs. Maybe next time she wears them?
Love to you!
Grandma Sweat

Natalie said...

Your teddy bear invitations are too cute! And I am happy B wants to play soccer :).

andrea said...

Mom--I know! I thought the same thing when I wrote the post. I have my camera with me 90% of the time, but didn't take it on that walk. I'll see if I can snap a pic of C in the ginormous crocs sometime.

Kiersten said...

Great pictures as always :)
I love the pictures at the end with the kids in their Easter clothes.

Destiny said...

Sounds like tons of fun and a busy week. Best part....having navajo tacos! yum yum

Sandy said...

Ok...1.) In the 90's? Seriously?!...2.)Caroline is just adorable - I want to squish her cheeks!...3.) I am ridiculously impressed that Brandon read the Hobbit. I could barely choke down Lord of the Rings as an adult, so I wish him the best of luck and hope he finishes before he hits puberty.