Monday, April 05, 2010

Spring Break and Easter

We have had a fabulous Spring Break week.

Spent some time just relaxing at home, which we all loved.

Hung out with our friends, the Faydis.  They used to be our neighbors, but we have both moved hardly ever see each other anymore.  (Except Gabbie, who babysits for us regularly.)

The kids got their teeth cleaned.  Hooray!  We made a day trip to Winston out of it.  Visited Sciworks and Chuck E Cheese.

Went to the Science Center with Leanne, Lauren, Savannah, Brianna and April.

 Two moms.  Seven kids.  Unlimited fun.
(Whit was hiding behind the bench, camera shy.)

Took a trip to Raleigh.  Andrew took the kids to a park while I went to the temple.

Had the funnest date night playing tennis.  It had been a while since we played and I LOVED it, even though I lost 4-6.

Had a wonderful time watching conference.   The kids were great and so many messages hit home.

Hung out with some girlfriends during the priesthood session of conference.

The other highlight of the weekend:  Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt at the Greg and Nicolle's house.   After devouring a delicious smorgasbord of breakfast foods, we hit the backyard for the egg hunt.  Young kids first.

Caroline was a fast learner.

And was thrilled to find CANDY inside those eggs.

Next up:  Big kids.
They were hilarious.
While they didn't resort to violence,
there was plenty of smack-talking and egg-stealing.

Whit avoided confrontation.

Brandon was in the thick of it.
What's not to love about a contest to find hidden treats?

The girls dug right into the goods.
But, believe it or not, their favorite part of the morning was
still to come.  Greg and Nicolle put together a little treasure
hunt in the backyard.  The kids followed the clues and found these:
Baby chicks!

They were a hit with every child there.
And most of the adults, too.
And even with some not-so-gentle toddler hands around,
they all survived the day.
Major props to Greg and Nicolle for a fabulous party.


amy said...

What a fun Easter party! Who actually hides real chicks at the end of a treasure hunt? I'm impressed. I'm jealous of your weather too. Everyone looks so warm and Springy in shorts.

The Oregonians said...

Aren's all tennis games supposed to end in "love"?
Thanks for some great pics.

Andrew said...

Why can't every week be Spring Break? And the Sherwoods came thorough big time with the party. If there was a kazbah around anywhere, they would definitely rock it.

Natalie said...

You guys sure stayed busy! I am so jealous of the baby chicks. Too cute!