Sunday, February 06, 2011

B's hoops & W's cheer

For the first time in our family, both older kids are participating in an extracurricular activity AT THE SAME TIME.  Whoa.  Big step for us.  It has gone okay, but I'll happily revert to one-activity-at-a-time when this season ends.

Brandon is playing basketball.  The league we've been playing in for years has practices on Sunday for his age group.  Boo.  So, he's playing at school instead.  The level of competition isn't as strong, but he likes playing with and against lots of friends.

Here are some video highlights from the first half of his season.  Andrew is helping to coach the team, so I'm the camera woman.  And I stink.  Brandon is on the Tarheels, light blue shirt with silver and blue shorts, #4.

And after watching that, I say to myself, "He thinks he's too wimpy for football?  At least he'd have on pads and would be playing on grass!"

A little pregame smile (smirk?) for the camera.

 Practicing layups.

 Taking a shot.

Love his little hop while waiting to shoot free throws.

Little Miss Whitney is a rookie cheerleader and loving it.  She looks adorable, has fun, and is good!  Unfortunately, since she's tall, she ends up on the back row all the time.  Kinda difficult to take pics that way.  Here's her little highlight video.  Her favorite part is when she gets to be a "base" and hold the little girl up during the stunt at the end.

Woo hoo!

Go team!

Gotta love those pom poms.

They have a short season, only six weeks.  And we're halfway through.  Go, fight, win for three more weeks, kids!


shelley said...

big pink bows and shiny pom poms. what more could a show pony, i mean little girl, want?!

Ang said...

How fun! I love how you edited everything together into a highlight reel. The best way to watch kid sports videos! And both B and Whit are very talented kiddos. (You can tell Whit that I was a base, once upon a time. Bases rock!) :-)

Natalie said...

The cheerleading cracks me up! All the kids going different directions. How cute is whitney though?

Andrew said...

You're doing great as the camera woman this year, babe. Taking videos of B and watching both of the girls while I help coach? Now that's talent. Next year I'm going to coach Whitney's cheerleading team, so get ready to be on your own again.

Dennis said...

I am Barbara, not Dennis, and the way I can post a comment on your blog has changed......anyway, loved the little videos - it's a little slice of heaven to be able to watch them!
Grandma Sweat

Julie said...

The Legend passes his basketball playing secrets on to his son. So fun to see Brandon playing and Whitney cheering. Go team! xoxo Aunt Julie