Sunday, February 13, 2011

Figure Skating

When my good friend, Jayne, called to see if I would be willing to take some tickets to the US Figure Skating Championships off her hands, I was THRILLED.  Yes. Yes!  YES!  I've never been to anything like that and felt lucky that it was right here in our hometown this year.  I just called this my hometown.  Guess I'm settling in for the next couple of years since Andrew found out we're no longer relocating.  :)

April came with me.
We LOVED it.
We watched the pairs finals and the ice dancing finals.

 We saw the death-defying-lay-down-spin.
Like my skating terminology?

Also saw lots of lifts,



and jumping.

But the throws were my favorite.
We also saw lots of falls.
But I was too busy audibly gasping to catch any of them on film.
The skaters can thank me later.


Megan said...

How thrilling for you! I think that actually is called a 'death spiral' or 'death spin' or something like that...

Ang said...

How fun! And that last picture is awesome.

Natalie said...

Wow those are some great pics!

The Oregonians said...

Wouldn't be surprised to see you giving it a try on your next blog.

carmar76 said...

Amazing pictures! Looks like you had tons of fun! : )

Sandy said...

I see a group date ice skating dance-off in your future....