Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lazy 5 Ranch

We had the coolest experience earlier this month, but with the all the excitement of B's birthday and the 4th, I haven't had the chance to blog about it yet--Lazy 5 Ranch. We got together with some friends and drove to Mooresville, NC. It was like we had traveled to another part of the world on a safari.

You pay admission, buy a feed bucket or two, and then drive along a meandering trail where exotic animals come right up to your car and eat. We were in two different cars, so we put all the boys in one and the girls in the other. (My friend, Amy, was brave enough to take the boys with her.)

The first animals we came across were emus.
I was creeped out. The boy's van didn't mind.
They have red eyes and beaks--
I was afraid of getting pecked!
So, the girl's van tried to slip by unnoticed.

Then... I got to feed a zebra!
Is this not the coolest thing ever?
It was like feeding the stingrays--SO exciting
and a little scary, too. He actually took the feed
bucket right out of my hand and I had to get
out of the car to get it back.

Lauren got to feed a deer.
She was very brave. Most of the other little
girls THOUGHT they wanted to feed the
animals...until they got anywhere near the car.

We saw this mommy emu with her cute
little babies surrounding her.

Water buffalo

Brandon fed a giraffe right out of his hand!
Unbelievable! (The girls had used our whole
feed bucket by this point, so we just watched.)

Here was a cute baby goat chasing his mom.

And this little baby pot-bellied pig was one
of my favorites! Whit wanted to take him home.

After you finish driving through the safari,
they have a little petting zoo area with
camels, goats, and this mini cow.

Here are the safari kids.
They had a blast and I loved it, too.
It was a little on the pricey side--I think I
paid twenty bucks for me and the kids--
but I would recommend it. Definitely worth it.


Carrie said...

What an amazing place! I had no idea that anything like this existed. I think it's really neat that the kids get to be so hands on with the animals.

Laurie said...

I find this to be particularly cool b/c it is reminiscent of my dad's mission in South Africa. On Pday they would drive through the wild game park and have the babboons, zebras, ostrichs, etc come up to their cars. They'd watch lions lie in wait to jump and pounce on herds of wildabeasts and zebras. There was a hippo they would watch which was named "Joe the Hippo" in our childhood bedtime stories. So this is a neat concept to me. So cool.

senior citizens in Sandy said...

Animals all over the place, even here.
We looked out our window the other day and saw three deer sleeping in the shade of an apple tree. We'd send a picture, but don't know how to do that on a blog.

Sandy said...

That looks like such a cool place!!

Natalie said...

AHHH good ole Mooresville. Race City USA. I like to tease David about it because he grew up there. In the ghetto!

When we went to the lazy 5 ranch there weren't nearly as many animals as when you guys went. I might have to give it another go!

You have some great pics too! Glad you guys enjoyed David's hometown.

Amy said...

That looks like so much fun! I remember when I was little and you could feed the deer at Hogle Zoo and they'd come right up to you.

Ang said...

Cool stuff. I would love to feed a zebra!