Friday, July 27, 2007


Ok, so I might not be a hot tub person, but apparently everyone else in my family is. I've been overruled. The hot tub is staying.

A few weeks ago, Andrew and the kids
tested the waters. They thought it felt great.

On the 4th, while the kids were taking "quiet time"
Andrew grabbed his book and a BIG glass of ice
water and had a little slice of heaven on the deck.
He tried to convince me to join him, but I haven't
yet. Maybe I'll be converted to being a hot tub
person at some point, but so far I'm still holding out.

My only stipulation for keeping this thing: I'm not in charge of it. I'm not cleaning filters or adding chemicals. Andrew agreed to take care of all of that, so I don't mind it hanging around. So far he has yet to live up to his part of the bargain, so I've told the kids they can't get in there because no chemicals have been added and nothing has been cleaned since we've lived here. But, Andrew's currently out there working on it, so they might be hot tubbing again before we know it.


Natalie said...

I am assuming that you are using cold water instead of hot water during the summer? If not...that doesn't sound fun to me either!

sandy said...

Well, once you take care of the whole spa hygiene situation (with the chemicals and all), maybe you'll start to like it...?? Maybe this is just your family's thinly veiled attempt to stop regular bathing? "I don't need to take a shower! I was in the hot tub for an HOUR tonight! With chlorine!":)

g & g hiatt said...

Sounds as if Andrew is in enough "hot water" as it is.
Personally, we're with you, Andrea.
To us a hot tub is a waste of perfectly good deck space. But then, we're "middle aged".
(With a son-in-law buying a new motorcycle and a grandson wanting to keep a hot tub, something tells us we're falling behind every day.
Maybe 78 and 82 qualify us as "senior" citizens after all.
Don't mind us --enjoy the hot tub in good health.

Barbara said...

Who knew Drew was a hot-tubber? I love the picture of him in there reading his book - and with his glass of ice water - what the heck - at least lemonade. I am not a hot-tubber either - they make! But lots and lots of people are, so Andrea, when we come and visit, Andrew and Dennis and the kids can hot tub and you and I can go shopping :)

Love you,
Mom Sweat

Amy said...

I think a hot tub would be fun. I wouldn't really want to do the upkeep either (who does?), but I think it'd be great to go out there and relax after the kids go to bed. It looks a little too sunny in the picture with Andrew, but I love hot tubs at night under the stars.

Shelley said...

Laughed for a long time when I read this... you know why!

Ang said...

I just tried to leave a comment about how I prefer bathtubs to hottubs because I'd rather not change into a swimsuit and don't want to scare the neighbors, but it wouldn't post and disappeared when the session timed out. If this one doesn't work I'll take it as divine intervention that I shouldn't be publishing such delicate information in a public forum.

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

I've gotten off of my duff and added the Bromine and ph adjuster. Come on in, Andrea, the water is perfect! Oooohhh, and when those jets massage your feet and back, it's the best.

And I do leave the water lukewarm in the summer so that it's not too hot.