Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My kids, the photographers

One of the joys of using a digital camera is that I can start training my kids early to be photographers. They can take as many bad pictures as they want and (as long as they don't drop my camera) it doesn't cost me a thing! They have both been very interested in taking pics lately. I wanted to share some of the results and what I've learned from their attempts.

First off, when the photographer is more than
2 feet shorter than the subjects,
tops of heads are bound to be cut off:

Whit almost missed Drew's head completely in this one.

This one was a little closer.

Sometimes, we'll just get glimpses of the subject:
Yep, that's my right eye.
Took a while to blink that one off.
(taken by B.)

Whitney got MOST of my face in this one.
Love that creative angle!

Secondly, I've found that kids like to photograph
(what I consider to be) random subjects.

Like this fallen b-ball hoop.
I guess it seemed photo-worthy to one of them.
(I'm not even sure who took it.)

I find that they take lots of pictures of grass.
Maybe that's because it's so plentiful in NC.

Brandon took this pic of his rock collection.
I thought he did pretty well.

Don't know if Whit was TRYING to leave
her brother out of this one or not.

Third, the photos they take open my
eyes to new perspectives.

Here is Whit's stroller-eye view on one of our walks.
I think I'd be intimidated by SUV's if I were her.
(That's B riding his bike ahead of us.)

They can sometimes catch expressions that
friends probably wouldn't make for me.
Right, Kelly? :)

And Nicolle? And Ben's foot?
both taken by Whit

Finally, every once in a while you end up
with a keeper. And a few of them have been
real masterpieces.

I think practice is making perfect for Whit.
She got my entire head on this one!

I think this is an adorable one that B took of his sister.
I love that her hair is crazy. If I were the one taking
it, I'm sure I would've tried to fix it, but this is how
she looks half the time. Why not capture it?

Can you believe how tall Andrew and I look to Whit???
I'm glad she's not afraid of us. We're giants!

Whit took this one of her friend, Leann.

B took this one of us on Father's Day.
Very impressive.

And he also got this perfect shot of Clara
at the 4th of July BBQ.

If they keep this up, they'll be taking family portraits and wedding photos before we know it.


Natalie said...

Some of those pictures with your heads cut off are hilarious! But the ones towards the bottom of the post are really impressive! Good job Brandon and Whit! My favorite is the picture of Kelly hamming it up for the camera.

sandy said...

Great pictures - those missing head ones are great - at least you always have on nice shirts, right?! Now you need to get your kids to scrapbook the pictures they take themselves:)

Laurie said...

Andi, I must say you are looking fantastic. Even in "kid photos." I love the Fathers Day picture of you two. Sure hope you are loving your house.

g & g hiatt said...

Time to check out a book on Ansel Adams. I think B and Whit are both ready for it.
Thanks for sharing.

Tom said...

Hee hee! I never thought anyone would see my goofy face making! Well I guess I learned my lesson. I look kind of scary! ROAR!!

Denny & Joe said...

What a fascinating kids'-eye perspective. it's actually quite artistic, I think. Makes you realize what the world looks like to little ones.