Thursday, November 20, 2008

What a week!

**UPDATE: I don't have pink eye. Woo hoo! I have a scratched cornea. Apparently it's fairly common among contact lens wearers. I've worn them for almost 20 years now and this is my first experience. I get to wear glasses for the next several days while it heals. Lucky me.**

Is it Friday yet?

Here are some of the happenings around our house in the past seven days:

*Brandon had to get his first filling. He has enamel hypoplasia on his permanent first molars. Basically, something went wrong when they were forming and they are falling apart already even though they erupted fairly recently and he has never had a cavity on his baby teeth. (Mr. Unbreakable has an Achilles' Heal..or Tooth.) He was really brave for the dentist and saved us a hundred bucks by going without laughing gas. We owe ya, buddy.

*Whitney had a strange rash start on her face and spread down her neck. Took her the doctor immediately after B's dentist appt. (Yes, me and my three kids spent a total of 2 hrs and 45 min in dr's offices on the same day. NOT their idea of a fun time. Or mine.) She was diagnosed with contact dermatitis as a result of either poison oak or poison sumac, most probably. What??? How did she get that when the weather has been FREEZING here and we've spent most of our time indoors. Sounds fishy. She was prescribed a cream that is slowly helping. (If you click on the pic below, you can see the red patches on her neck. The spots on her face aren't as obvious. It helps that she has crumbs around her mouth.)

*Caroline SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT for the first time ever on Monday night. I guess waiting around in those dr's lobbies wore her out. It was heavenly to wake up with a rested body. I've missed that feeling. Tuesday night she woke up a couple of times and last night she slept clear through from 8:30 pm-6 am. Hallelujah!

*I attended Whit's Thanksgiving Feast at her preschool. It's a cute tradition and a great appetizer for the real deal next week.

Pocahontas and me

*Andrew had Stake meetings on Tues night and normal Bishopy stuff last night. And I'm going out with some girlfriends tonight. We pass each other walking through the house every once in a while. (And we have a babysitter scheduled for tomorrow night. Yippee!)

*Andrew and I were both sick over the weekend with flu-like symptoms (even though we both got our flu shots already). We had achy bodies and fevers, but they only lasted about 24 hours. Weird. Even though the really bad sick part is over, I'm still not feeling quite like myself. And my eye is all red, thus the glasses in the previous pic. I'm going to the doc this afternoon. What's another 45 min in a waiting room?

*We celebrated Andrew's 34th birthday.

He's officially hit the MID-thirties.

We got some steaks but the weather was NOT cooperating, so we backed his car out of the garage and BBQ'd in there. I ate a veggie burger, but the kids and Andrew raved over the steak. Poor meat-deprived family of mine.

Before I know it, it'll be Christmas. Hope everyone else has spent less time in doctor's offices.


The Normal Mormon Husband said...

Glad I have your blog to know what is going on in your life :). Could you have posted a picture where I didn't look drunk and evil eyebrows?

Sandy said...

You've been busy!! Sorry about all the Dr. business - no fun! Looks like everyone is on the mend, though. Is Brandon's tooth condition something that will reoccur in other teeth as they come through, or was it hopefully just a one-time deal? Brave kid!

Agent I said...

Fools! Everyone knows flu shots don't protect against the flu. Flu shots are part of a government conspiracy to control the minds of the people. They contain mind altering drugs that make you more docile and prone to follow.

The Oregonians said...

Do tall bishops always get tall candles on their birthdays?
You've almost been to as many doctors as we have this week.
Hope yours are closer than some of ours are and that everyone is on the mend. Congrats to Caroline.
John McCain said he slept like a baby the night after the elections.
Slept for two hours, woke up and cried; slept another two hours, woke up and cried......

andrea said...

Andrew--that was the day you'd stayed home sick from work, remember? Believe it or not, that's THE BEST pic out of the 6 I had to choose from. :)

Sandy--It could affect others of his permanent teeth as well. We'll have to wait and see. That could turn into one expensive bionic mouth. :)

Agent I--I knew that flu shot was too good to be true.

Grandpa--They were sparkler candles. Can you see some of the sparks flying? We loved them! On Monday, I put 70 miles on the van driving to those two docs. Thankfully, mine is nearby.

rob, jax & max: the harmon squad said...

I have never had a flu shot in my life and don't remember ever having the flu, but Max got one last January and we ALL (my mom and siblings), Max included, got the flu. Needless to say we opted out of the flu shot this year. And top seven hours in doctor's offices a couple weeks ago. We had Max with us and I think the grand total time I was actually checked out or had something done was an hour and a half, maybe two hours. It was ridiculous and I'm sure the nurses were sick of Max (I was too).

Grandma Sweat said...

Thanks for all the updates! When I looked at Andrew's birthday picture I saw one of the sparks and thought it was a long toothpick coming out of his mouth! Sorry about all the doctor's appointments - but Caroline slept through the night? Andrea - woooo whooooo! Even if she reverts sometimes now, you know in the back of your mind that another good night is just on the horizon. Hope always springs eternal :)
Love you all,
Grandma Sweat

Destiny said...

What a busy week. Not much fun happening for you guys. Hopefully that will change.

Ang said...

So happy that Caroline gave you a little rest. I think back to a year and a half ago with Wyatt and it still makes my feel . . . so . . . very . . . sleepy :-). You're almost through the hardest part!

And Drs offices w/ little kids. Not the most fun. But I'm glad all is well, even with mystery flus and mystery rashes.

I'm glad Drew had a good B-day!

Ang said...

p.s. in Drew's pic, he looks like he's shooting death rays out his nose. I hear that's a special superpower hero that doesn't hit until your 34th birthday.

Julie said...

Cheers for Caroline! Hope she keeps it up. Happy birthday, Andrew! You know, I have an extra loooong hair which sprouts forth from the end of my left eyebrow. I forget about it for weeks at a time until I'm putting on mascara or something and I brush against it and discover it's grown to about an inch long. It's creepy. So sorry yours is now growing out of the right side of your mustache, Andrew. It's hereditary. Just shows up differently in males and females.
Aunt Julie

Natalie said...

Going to the drs is no fun! I hate that you guys got sick on the weekend too. Happy belated bday andrew!

Dan and Marci said...

Wow--$100 for laughing gas--I thought I was getting jipped at 25 bucks a hit here in Provo. My first thought with Whit was latex since you were in the dental office, but her patches probably have that in them so she would have reacted by that by now. I'm not sure I would have survived all those dr. appts in one day--AGGGH Way to go!