Sunday, May 31, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes--May

The quotes are few this month, but the pictures are plenty. So I'm throwing them in, too. Enjoy.

5/6--Something you don't hear from your son every day, "Dad, my pig just exploded!" And unfortunately, he was right. B had this squeezable pig filled with some sort of gel and it ruptured all over his sheets, comforter, etc. Bleck.

He can also catch a football in mid-air.

5/10--Today was kind of a lame Mother's Day. Don't get me wrong, Andrew did his part--wonderful gift, pancakes for breakfast, cooked the dinner of my choosing.... But Brandon was sick and I had to stay home from church with him and my nephew Carson and Caroline. Not my idea of fun. Or Brandon's.

Anyway, to top it off, here were two of the things my kids had to say to me today.

B: "You have chicken pox!"

He was referring to the unusual outbreak of zits I have on my chin.
Um, yea. I noticed.

W: "You're not cute."
When I responded with my pouty face she came back with,
"You're PRETTY, not cute."

Happy Mother's Day to Me

5/14 Carson has been staying with us this week. When Andrew got home from work, he was asking Whitney what she and Carson did today. "We played vampires. Carson was Edward and I was Bella." Whoa.

Maybe this is a scene from the fifth book
in the Twilight series where Edward and Bella
attend veterinary school together?

Speaking of Twilight,
after a ride home with the windows down,
Brandon looked like this:
Now that's an Edward bouffant if I've ever seen one!

And he used these goldfish as fangs and said,
"Mom, take a picture. I'm a vampire!"

5/19 While eating pretzels today, Whitney bit one into a little circle and said,

"Look, Mom! It's my monocle!"
What is it with this girl and monocles?

5/20 Breakfast table conversation this morning.
Me: Did you have any dreams last night?
W: No. I'm all out of dreams.
Me: Uh oh. What are you going to do about that?
W: I guess I need to go buy some more.
Me: Where do you do that?
W: There's a store in my closet called "Dream Sell." They sell dreams.

I wonder which dreams are on clearance this week.

Later we were talking about when Whitney was a baby.
She said, "When I was a baby Caroline was still in heaven. Then she got into your tummy. Then she popped out just like popcorn pops out of a bag." Oh, sweetheart. I wish it was that easy.

Future OB/GYN?

5/31--As the weather has started warming up, there have been a few times when we've gotten into the van and it has been very hot. This is how Whitney described it, "It's as hot as a fire...or as hot as the sun...or as hot as a fire on the sun!"

Random pics of B

He's turning into such a big kid.
He's all skinny and masculine.
Not a little boy anymore.

He's playing baseball on the Terrapins this year.

Loves it. Especially playing infield.

Did awesome singing and saying his lines in the
2nd grade program at school.

Got absolutely SOAKED on the 1/2 block
walk home from the bus stop one day.

Random pics of W

She saw a girl doing handstands
in the park as we were passing by.
Decided to try her own headstand
and did pretty good, huh?


Caroline pics

I just love to kiss her little cheeks!

Enjoys my Gerbera daisies almost as much as I do.

She's finally growing some hair and it's curly
in the back. Too cute!

I'm sure this is NOT the intended use
of her stroller. Please make it through
toddler-hood without a broken bone!

Future cop?

And, finally, this is for you, Gigi.
A pic of all the Gerber grandkids together.
It could be a long time before we get another
one like this. We miss you, Carson and Sydney!


The Normal Mormon Husband said...

So you are going to start singing, "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree" as the code when you are ready to have baby #4.

I only wish child birth was that easy. And that delicious...

Andi's Dad said...

Cute post. Loved the pics. I have to say, that Caroline's curly hair reminds me of her Uncle Mark's before his first haircut. Keep those posts coming.

andrea said...

Honey--It's nice to know that you're even contemplating a code for baby #4. :)

Dad--Yes, C's hair totally looks like Mark's did.

Ang said...

What cute chitlins! Brandon is looking rather manly all of a sudden--well, as manly as you can look without your two front teeth. I continue to be amazed by Whit's vocabulary (monocle??) and Caroline's gorgeousness.

Natalie said...

Your kids are too cute. And yes Brandon is turning into such a little man these days!

Grandma Sweat said...

Andrea - Once again you made the 1st of the month an unexpected delight with OOTMOB's. Thank you thank you thank you. And yes, your children. Brandon, a stud, his calf muscle in that one picture looks slightly Uncle Rico-ish exgagerrated but I think it's mostly Brandon's buffness; Whitney is adorable, and Caroline darling, you are delicious. Andrew had curly hair when he was one too. Gorgeous platinum blonde curls that people would stop me in the store and compliment. Then I cut his hair when he was 13 months old and it was straight as straw from then on!

XO to all of you. And by the way, Carson looks wonderful and Sydney is toooo cute - hair is such a novelty on babies!
Grandma Sweat

amy said...

Great pictures! I love the one of Caroline in the hat. I can't believe Whit and Carson know who Edward and Bella are. Too funny.

shelley said...

i think even funnier than the ootmob quotes is the captions you add to the pics after a funny quote. "future ob/gyn?" - laughed out loud - hard! and bella and edward becoming vets. serious!

and when i was working, one day i was talking to a co-worker about mr. peanut and his monocle. my co-worker, who was always complaining that my vocabulary far surpassed hers, said, "stop using big words like that? what does that even mean?!" so i find it EXTREMELY hilarious that your recently-crowned 5-year-old not only knows the word monocle, but uses it regularly in sentences! ha!