Sunday, March 21, 2010

Time marches on

Usually when I go this long in between posts, it's because I'm really busy with some big project or planning a vacation or taking a month-long road trip.  Not this time.  Nothing big and exciting.  Not much to blog about.

Don't get me wrong.  I don't believe blogs are only for documenting the big things in life.  You can go back and read my 2006 archives if you want proof.  That's what I've been doing as I put together my blog book.  I apparently thought every nitty gritty detail of our lives needed to be put out into cyberspace for everyone to read.  Sheesh. As soon as the hard copy of my book arrives, I am deleting half of those posts.

While reading through them, I've reflected on the purpose of my blog.

Why am I doing this?  Two main reasons.

1.  To keep in touch with our family members who live thousands of miles away.  We miss them terribly, but blogging helps us feel a bit closer.  I love keeping up with my siblings, nieces, and nephews from afar.

2.  To document our family history as it is happening.  I've slowly stopped scrapbooking over the past few years.  While I miss that creative outlet, I don't want to let my memories of this time in our lives fade.  I want to capture not only the monumental milestones, but also the precious moments and even throw in a few of the challenges and valleys of sorrow.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me.  Keeping this record is important to me regardless how many readers I have, but it is easier to make the time to write up posts when I know someone else is going to read them.

With that, here are some of the moments we've been experiencing.

Indoor light saber hockey

Reading Caroline some of her favorite books...
over and over and over again.

Making yummy cookies.
I even tried a twist on my SIL, Cindy's, yummy
homemade oreo cookies:  Red Velvet Oreos.
They were good.  Maybe a little too good.

Enjoyed a couple of evenings sitting around our new fire pit.
One night we roasted hot dogs and then marshmallows.
The s'mores were awesome.
But the turkey hot dogs were not a hit.
Hey, I thought they were worth a try.
(Easy to say when I'm the one who doesn't eat hot dogs.)

Once again reveling in the start of spring.

The beauty is so satisfying at the end of a long, way-too-cold winter.

Girls' Night Out at the Mellow Mushroom.
Good pizza, great company.

After years of being stored under our shed, decided it
was time to break out the turtle sandbox again.
Not only is Caroline thrilled, the big kids have enjoyed it, too.

We got a new computer with our tax refund.
Andrew talked me into getting a laptop.
LOVE it.  I spend quality time with it every day.
It's like a new child--except it doesn't cry...only
when it needs to be charged.

As part of a cub scout requirement, Brandon planned
a game for the Primary activity yesterday.
It was a tithing quiz game and he was host.
I heard so many compliments about how well he did.
He was confident and a great leader.
We're proud of you, buddy!

A little backyard baseball.

The weather was gorgeous yesterday.
Warm enough that Brandon and Whit decided it was
the perfect time to go swimming...
in the hot tub.
They had a blast and played so well together.
But Caroline thought it was completely unfair that she was left out.
She tried to just climb on in...fully clothed!
It took some convincing, but she eventually decided to
help me with some sidewalk chalk drawings instead.


carmar76 said...

I love Peek A Moo! Too cute. And those red velvet oreos look like they might cause some over-sugar issues. But they'd be worth it!

Andrew said...

I'm so glad you document our lives in your blog, hon. My memory is so bad I have a hard time remembering what I did last weekend, let alone what we were doing in 2006.

Quick comments:
1. I love the laptop too.
2. So glad we moved into a house that already had a hot tub.
3. The firepit will provide lots of summer fun and plenty of s'mores.
4. Never, ever, ever but turkey hot dogs again, especially when you try to pass them off as regular dogs!

Love you! - Drew

Andrew said...

Oops...that should say "buy" turkey hot dogs, not "but".

Sandy said...

You guys have been having all kinds of fun! I agree -- laptops are awesome!! I was converted when I was pregnant with Jordan and much preferred to lay around in the recliner with the laptop and do nothing every evening than getting ALL the way up and sitting in a real chair at the computer :) Glad to hear the firepit is a hit - we're planning on one in our yard, but are debating back and forth between and in-the-ground one (Jake) and an above-ground-so-small-children-can't-fall-in-it one (me).

Ang said...

I had no idea you've been laptop-less all this time! Right now, the kids are watching Harry Potter and Forrest and I are sitting side-by-side on the couch with our respective laptops. We're total laptop converts at this house.

And I, for one, am more than happy to read any of the smallest detail of your life that's so far away from Utah. Blogs are so great for helping distant family feel closer together.

andrea said...

Ang--Andrew and I are also sprawled on the couch with each of our laptops. We're actually in the midst of a close game of scrabble on facebook. Who needs a board anymore? :)

The Oregonians said...

Tax refund?
Will you do our taxes next year?
Thanks for sharing the latest fun events in your family.

Natalie said...

I can't believe they were in the hot tub the other day. Was it really that warm? And those cookies are so calling my name. Yum. B did a great job at his primary activity! I think he is ready for his first calling. Bishop?

amy said...

I LOVE being able to keep up with family so far away! I'm glad you keep blogging and don't just do Facebook like a lot of my friends. Also, blogs help me take more pictures too.

I'm tempted to get a turtle sandbox too. Even if it's just for a few years, I know Macy would love it right now. Come on garage sales...

Jayne said...

What a great post, my friend. Great minds think alike- I just posted about how I've pretty much lost interest in scrapbooking but not in documenting my stories.

I think it is really good to reflect on the purpose of your blog. It's the only way to figure out if it is still worth your time. Anyway, you have been ultra-prolific compared to me this year. But guess what, I have been working on the non-breast cancer blog. I am ALMOST ready to give out the link :) Can't wait to see your book!

Love the picture of us at the Mellow Mushroom!!

grandma sweat said...

Thanks for a feast of pictures and commentary! The sandbox picture reminded me of when Andrew was Caroline's age and how much he loved polaying in the sand box and how he spent that whole summer with pretty much tracking sand into the house via his shoes, socks and diaper changes!
Love you all,
Grandma Sweat

Aunt Stephanie said...

Andrea, Angie, and Amy, thank you all for blogging no matter what the subject! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your lives even when we are all so far away from each other. You are all simply amazing!
Ranquist Clan