Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lion, lamb, and life

March definitely came in like a lion here in NC.
We started off the month with another blizzard.

OK, it was more of a light dusting of snow.
But that didn't stop the powers that be from calling for a snow day.
It was pretty ridiculous.
The snow was all melted by the time school would have started.
 Anyway, all of us Southerners were SO tired of the yucky weather.
We were feeling down.
But our pleas for spring were finally answered!

Within a week, March had calmed into a sweet little lamb.
Now we're playing at the park (without jackets!),

feeding the ducks,

digging for worms in the backyard,

attempting to make fire by friction,

making jewelry out of leaves,

learning to blow bubbles,

and then trying to catch them in our mouths.
Because they're grape scented and that must 
mean that they taste good, right?

Now I just hope this gorgeous weather is here to stay.
I LOVE spring!

Additional random life updates

The chicken bone science experiment went great.
I thought the Powerade bone was the most interesting.
Check out how blue it got! (Bottom left bone...obviously.)

Whit lost her second tooth.
The tooth fairy forgot to come on the right night...again.

Thanks to our kids' surrogate NC grandparents,
Andrew and I went to the temple in Raleigh this weekend.
It was wonderful.  Just what we needed after his hectic
month of business traveling.

Caroline's hair is long enough for braids!
They don't last long, but don't they look cute?

And, finally, for your viewing pleasure....
You can see where Brandon got his sweet basketball skills.
(It sure wasn't from me.)

Go Daddy #45!


shelley said...

attempting to make fire by friction... i never cease to laugh at your posts. why didn't that get it's own video?

i can't believe that's caroline's hair! when it's not all curly, it's so long! i actually thought for a minute that you had posted a picture of shaelyn on your blog for some strange, inexplicable reason.

shelley said...

ps - i like that pretty red dress on you. why haven't i seen that before? and where did you find that music for the b-ball clip? it's like it belongs with church ball. they should just play that music while they're out there playing in the game.

andrea said...

Thanks, Shelley. The red dress is fairly new. I've only worn it to church once. The b-ball music came with my computer's movie-making software. Catchy, huh? I think I'm going to put it on my ipod and work out to it! Maybe I can burn it to a CD and bring it to the next men's bball game. Our girls can dance to it at halftime, too.

Ang said...

That number 45 has SWEET moves! But doesn't he know that only Boston Rob can start a fire with friction?

Love Caroline's cute braids. And I second Shelley's opinion of the red dress. Woo woo!

Natalie said...

Yeah love that red dress! And my favorite part of the video is the funny music in the background.

andrea said...

Ang--I'm pretty sure the attempts at fire-making were motivated by Boston Rob's example. This season of Survivor is so fun!

Nicole said...

Your kids are growing up soooo fast! I can't believe the tooth fairy forgot to come again...Mrs. Dental Hygienist!

Andrew said...

I can already quickly start a fire using only flint, steel, leaves, and sticks. Friction is the next level. After that? I'll start fires using only my mind...

Andrea - you did look hot in the red dress, BTW.

And I'm glad we captured at least one legit dunk on video. I wish I had taken more video in high school. You know, before I got old and doughy.

Laurie said...

Love the red dress. I have one just like it in black, but the red is fun!

The spring outdoor fun really does look fun. THanks for the inspiration. :-)

Sandy said...

AH! Look at those braids - I'm SO jealous - my girls don't even get enough hair for little itty bitty pigtails until they're almost two!!

Grandma Sweat said...

Loved the video - and Care Bear's braids - and your stunning red dress - and Whit's lost tooth - and professor Brandon and Whitney's scientific-looking approach to digging worms in the backyard. It looks so springy back there in NC!
Love you all,
Grandma Sweat