Sunday, February 28, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes--February

2/1--Whitney has two original songs that are destined to become hits.  One is called, "Leap frog jumpin' on my old blue chair."  It is sung with a sweet Southern drawl.  The other is called "Coyotes howlin' on the moonlit hill."  Is that a poetic title or what?  When Brandon was this age, he had a couple of memorable tunes as well:  "Arizona, Yes I Did,"  "Funky Monkey,"  and "Oh, Yea."

 The music is just screaming to come out

2/7--At church, one of Brandon's teachers was talking to them about the life of Christ.  They were reading scriptures from the Book of Luke.  She asked, "Where do we find Luke?"  expecting to hear "In the New Testament."  Or "After Matthew."  Instead, Brandon piped up, "In Star Wars!" 

2/7--Andrew and I were looking through a photo album that included pics of Whit when she was 2.  Andrew said, "Whitney, you were so cute in these pictures!"  Without skipping a beat, she replied, "I still am cute!"

We're not arguing that with you.

2/8--Our kids pack lunches to school most days, but eat at the cafeteria once a week.  Today was Whit's day.  She ordered plain milk instead of chocolate.  It got this rave review, "My milk tasted like hand sanitizer."  yikes.

2/9--When I got Caroline out of her crib after her nap, I asked her what she dreamed about.  A smile stole across her face and she said, "Collin."

 Already dreaming about boys.

2/11--When Whit saw the downed tree in the backyard, she commented, "It's messier out here than under my bed!"

 Just barely

2/14--For the most part, we are a "No TV on Sundays" family.  (The Super Bowl and Survivor Finales are exceptions to this rule.)  On the drive home from church today, B asked, "Can we watch the Olympics tonight as a family?"  When I told him no, he argued, "Why not?  They're peaceful....except for hockey."  

2/14--It was Whit's turn to choose what to do for Big Girl Time tonight.  She picked the game, "Apples to Apples Jr," one of her favorites.  During her turn as judge she said, "Scientists aren't crunchy!"  It struck me as SO funny.

2/19--On our way to Myrtle Beach, we stopped for lunch at Wendy's.  While we were out in the parking lot, Brandon got so excited, "Mom!  There's a Reddy Ice Truck!  A Reddy Ice Truck!  Do you know how hard it is to make ice?"  Apparently I hadn't thought about it enough.

2/20--We've been watching A LOT of Disney Channel at the hotel.  Whitney just said, "I think I look like Selena Gomez."

 What do you think?
A little closer than B and his bro, Julius Peppers

2/20--B's really fascinated with ice this month.  Our hotel room has a freezer, but no ice dispenser.  Instead it had trays for ice.  Brandon had never seen ice made that way.  Crazy.  He thought it was pretty cool.  "It's homemade ice!"

Also likes snow

2/22--I love B's sense of humor.  His class is working on elapsed time in math.  They had a worksheet with clocks and a riddle at the bottom.   It said, "What has a face and hands, but no legs?"  The answer was meant to be a clock, but Brandon wrote, "Mermaid/clock."  He said, "It's true!  Mermaids have a face and hands, but no legs."  He's got a point.

Random date night pic
Every time I look at this picture, it cracks me up.
I'm trying to look all cute and Andrew's just being silly.

Random bumper sticker pic
This is the 2nd time I've seen a sticker like this.  Love it.

Bonus Caroline pics

I thought this pic was so sweet. 
Brandon and Whit were reading a book together and
Care Bear wanted in on the action.
Love that arm around B's neck.

I'm pretty sure Caroline is to blame for this.
Though I don't know how she pulled it off.
When I asked her about it, she blamed her friend, Grant.

Her favorite word of the month:  Mine!  

 She also learned her name this month.  She says it, "Care-line."  

 She also says a few sentences now.  Such a big girl!  We heard one of our favorites when Andrew was getting her into her footy pajamas and she told him, "I can zip."


shelley said...

i vote for "just barely."

it's funny cause it's true!!!

and don't forget to document for all of posterity that caroline greets each guest with a cheery greeting of "scary dragon."

andrea said...

Thanks, Shelley. I actually meant to include that and forgot. To clarify, it's "Scary dino." :)

Amber said...

Haha, I love that the boys made their way into this post. I guess Caroline likes the silent type. Grant just learned to say Caroline too. He says "A-Tine"

Natalie said...

Caroline you are breaking Finley's heart dreaming of Collin and not him! And I expect to hear Whit's two songs at the talent show so tell her to start praticing!

Kiersten said...

Love the Luke is from Star Wars comment...sounds like something one of my kids would say. I showed them a picture of the liahona once and asked them what it was...their answer, the golden snitch :)

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

Brandon's "mermaid" answer was pretty darn smart, and W does look like Selena Gomez now that she mentions it.

And why did my face make you laugh in the date night picture? Is it because my cheeks are so fat? My eyebrows so crazy? Now I'm totally self-conscious.


Grandma Sweat said...

Thanks for one of the fun events of each month! And thanks to the kids for a never-ending supply of material.
Grandma Sweat

amy said...

That bumper sticker is hilarious!

"I can zip" is such a big girl sentence.

Thanks for a fun post!

carmar76 said...

Great quotes and photos! Have to agree that Whit does resemble Selena Gomez. Love the mermaid answer (and that he split it so everyone would know he was being amusing & not smart aleck-y)!

The Oregonians said...

Quite a collection this month.
The force is obviously with Brandon; Whitney is destined for American Idol and Care-line is getting cuter every month.
Thanks for sharing.
PS-It was great to see the NMH while he was in town. He's much better looking in real life.

Sandy said...

Hilarious, as usual! I hate to admit that Jake and I woke up from our Sunday afternoon nap to our kids watching Star Wars...but I guess since it has Luke in it, its kinda spiritual, right?