Saturday, February 06, 2010

Everything I need to know I learned....

at Chuck E. Cheese???

My kids went to school for five hours last week.  Total.  That's it.  Five hours of quality education.

By Tuesday, though, the roads were passable, and we were ready to get out of the house.  So, we headed to our favorite family fun center--Chuck E. Cheese!  While helping Caroline feed coins into the toddler rides, I pondered on what my children were learning from our visit.  (Yes, I can ponder at CEC. It was a quiet morning.  All the other North Carolinians were still hibernating.)  And the list of lessons was impressive. Age-appropriate topics abounded.

Community helpers--fire fighters


Telling time

Physics, gravity, PE

Hunter's safety


Equine studies

History of Ancient Greece

Driver's ed

Fine motor skills

Math galore!
Division of tickets into three
Subtraction for each prize chosen

Who needs school?  I'm taking my kids to Chuck E's every day!


shelley said...

that history of ancient greece has got to be the most accurate thing i've ever seen! pretty soon, cec and his pals are going to be putting on history shows and touring the country.
that and the paleontology. hahahahaha!

and why does brandon look like a 16-year-old driving? maybe because he's already all slouched and looking a little TOO comfortable... :)

Natalie said...

Drivers ed!? Look out everyone!

Amber said...


Sawyers Family said...

I love that you can go to Chuck-E-Cheese and learn everything you need in life!
Such a fun post!

carmar76 said...

that is called making the most of every opportunity!! : )

The Oregonians said...

Great picture titles. We've simply got to eat out more and broaden our education.

Sandy said...

This post totally made me laugh! First of all - you have WAY better rides at your Chuck E. Cheese than the one we go to...and since the one we go to is really kinda creepy and disgusting ,I was SUPER impressed that you found some educational value on your trip there - way to go mama!

Andrew said...

Nice job making us (okay, you) sound like parents of the year by going to CEC. Love that place. I can just imagine Whit's speech when she becomes the first female President in fifty years..."My abitions were kindled as I shot peanuts into a hippo's mouth at Churck E Cheeses...."

Destiny said...

Love it!! It just goes to show you can always learn something anywhere you go.