Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our romantic Valentine's day

My valentine's card to Andrew this year reflected on our version of romance.  While I do enjoy an occasional bouquet of flowers (including Gerbera daisies, please), for the most part, we find pleasure in things that many others would not--dates at Chuck E. Cheese, for example.

Our Valentine's Date falls into this category.  We thought about going to the movies, but there was nothing in the theaters we were dying to see.  We talked about going out to eat, but Andrew's been traveling A LOT.  While he's enjoying fancy business dinners, I've been taking the kids out to eat more, too.  I wanted to just eat at home.  So, the winning idea?  The batting cages.  Woo hoo!  We had a blast.  We were by far the oldest people actually hitting.  Mostly high school kids with their parents. 

Andrew got comfortable in the fastest baseball cage:  70-75 mph
He was ripping the ball.
He did NOT look like Old Man Sweat in there.
I was having flashbacks to his over-the-fence home runs
during intramurals at BYU.
We both miss playing!

My first two rounds in the fast pitch softball cage were pretty lousy.
Then some mystery coach started giving me pointers
and I found my groove.
I love softball.

Does it get any more romantic than that?
Just wait.
We stopped for shakes, coneys, and onion rings at Sonic
before picking up our kids from our wonderful friends' home.

Truly, I am thankful Andrew and I have similar ideas when it comes to having fun together.  What a blessing in our marriage.

We also enjoyed yummy (somewhat) homemade calzones for dinner on Sunday night and decorated sugar cookies with the kids.  Andrew's back was killing him by then.  Poor guy.  It had to catch up with him sometime.  All the time on planes and hotel beds hasn't helped, either.

Care Bear is a sprinkle-picker and frosting-licker.
She hardly touched the cookie.

More sprinkles!

Happy Heart Day!


amy said...

That sound like my kind of date!

Drew said...

Nothing says "hot" like watching your wife hit frozen-rope line drives into the outfield. Thanks for a fun date night.

The Oregonians said...

Good form, Lefty.

Marianne said...

Oh yeah! That sounds like a fun v-day date!!! I hope Andrew is feeling better...poor guy! Cookies and calzones sound yummy!!