Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tree vs. fence

There was a fierce battle in our backyard yesterday.  There must've been a lot of smack talk going on.

Tree:  Fences are wimpy.

Fence:  Trees are so lame.

With the help of some 50 mph wind gusts, the tree showed that fence who was boss.

Tree 1, Fence 0

We're just grateful that the deck and hot tub stayed out of the fight.

And that the shed held her tongue.

What the tree didn't realize, was that the fence has connections.
He is very close with Mr. Chainsaw.
Tree 1, Fence 1

Looks like both teams are in pretty bad shape tonight.
But my money is on the fence to make the best recovery.

[Sidenotes:  Brandon and I WATCHED this tree come crashing down yesterday evening.  It was frightening.  I screamed like a little girl.  B had been out in the backyard about 5 minutes before it happened.  SOOOO grateful that he decided it was too cold and came in.  The tree was located on the common property behind our neighbor's house...two doors down!  So the neighborhood association is taking care of tree removal and fence repair.  Phew.]


amy said...

Wow! How exciting and scary to watch it fall. I'm so glad there wasn't more damage and the rest of the property stayed out of the fight. Way to take one for the team, tree.

The Oregonians said...

Who ran that chain saw? Hope your neighborhood association fees were up to date.

{kim} said...

What a funny blog post! Man, I thought it was windy here, but we've never had a tree blown over(knocking on wood...).

Ang said...

Whew! Glad everybody's okay. And great job with the photographic documentation!

Amber said...

Oh my gosh, that's crazy. Didn't one of the prophets have the very same story about playing outside and then he came in right before a tree fell? Can't remember who.

Natalie said...

Holy Crap Andrea! That must have been so scary. Grateful that it didn't cause more damage. And that Brandon came inside when he did. And if the association didn't pay for it, David would have taken on your case for you.

Grandma Sweat said...

Andrea - Wow - I don't know what I was picturing when I heard about this, but certainly not something THIS major - I mean, my gosh - that's newsworthy! I always knew Brandon had potential - but seriously even if he doesn't become a general authority, it sure makes you grateful that no one was seriously hurt. Love you all - I'm going to go look at the pictures again!
Granda Sweat

carmar76 said...

Glad Brandon's okay! And also that your deck & hot tub stayed out of the fight. Take Care! :)

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

That's it, no more business trips for me. It seems like every time I travel for work a major disaster hits home. What's next, a bee invastion? UFO attack?

So glad everything was in such good hands with you. Good job, babe.

Jayne said...

Oh wow. You are SO lucky. Most importantly that no one was hurt. Second that you don't get stuck with the cost. When we lost a big back yard tree that took out two fences the whole incident ended up costing us $900.

A Hunter said...

How scary! Ben's mom had the same kind of tree fall a few years ago just a few minutes after she had left the patio.
Love the play by play!

Destiny said...

What a site. Glad no one got hurt.