Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Great NC Blizzard of 2010

Wow.  We got snow last weekend.  REAL snow.  And not even just "a lot for us Southerners."  It was the most snow I've seen in the 6+ years we've lived here. 
I think it was at least seven inches.

 And when there are very few snow plows to get rid of it, 
we all just hunker down until it melts.

The kids got out of school early on Friday and we didn't leave the house for seventy-two hours.  When the kids were younger, to be stuck in the house for three days would have been torturous.  I'm not sure if it's because Brandon and Whit are growing up or just because we're getting along so well at the moment, but we made the most of our break from the real world.

Here's what we did to entertain ourselves.

We went outside to play in the snow.
Whit loved eating it and making a snow angel.

Caroline hated it.
It was too deep for her to even walk around.
And it was so cold that the snow was just powder.
No good for sledding or snowball fights or snowmen.
We didn't last long out there.

Brandon spent lots of good quality time with his DS.

Andrew has been working on his book.
Caroline snuggled with him while watching Two Apples.
I was glad he had his laptop, because I spent hours on
our other computer trying to get my blog printed into a book.
I'm printing the first six months.  It's going to be around 200 pgs.
I was apparently really excited at the novelty of starting a blog.

Unlimited video time.  Woo hoo!
This Brian Regan video is new to us and it is the best.
Makes me laugh until I cry.

Loads and loads of laundry.
I found 2 of the 49 missing socks.  :)

Gooey caramel corn.

Savored this Starbucks Drinking Chocolate.
It was a Christmas gift and I can't
believe I didn't drink it sooner.
It was to die for!

Played several games of Monopoly,
usually during Caroline's nap

Built Legos

Whit and Brandon played great together.
They came up with various games involving guns,
bosses, bad guys, and scotch tape.

Baked and decorated gingerbread cookies
This is Whit's Hula Girl.

Played computer games

I even broke out the sewing machine I bought on Black Friday
and mended a big hole Whitney tore in her sheet.

The kids have been off school this whole week.  It just happened to be the same week that Andrew had to travel for the first time in months.  I'd prefer to have their days off when it's sunny and warm so we can play outside, but at the same this break from our normal routine was fun and relaxing.


Megan said...

I hunkered down when we had our snow, too. I was ok with my driving skills and such but other Californians are just not prepared for such weather--especially in the Mojave Desert!

So glad you guys made the best of your snow, too! ;)

shelley said...

only you wear your "music video" attire when you're snowed in and don't leave your house for 72 hours. the rest of us wear our sweats and pajamas.

love that the sewing machine is out in the hallway. is that it's permanent home? :)

andrea said...

Shelley--I did wear my pj's for 24 straight hours. I just didn't allow anyone else to touch the camera during that time. :) The sewing machine is homeless for now.

The Oregonians said...

Book writing seems to be pandemic in this family. What's NMH's about?

Be wary of yellow snow.

Natalie said...

Gosh you guys sure kept busy! I can't say we did anything fun with Fin being so sick. Boo that.

Joey/Denny/Emma said...

Oh, it all sounds absolutely delightful. Here's to snowy days.

Grandma Sweat said...

Next time I get snowed in I hope I'm with you because everything you did looks so fun- it even made me want to play Monopoly and I haven't played that for 25 years!...and now I'm craving your ooey gooey carmel corn too!
Grandma Sweat

amy said...

I had the exact same thoughts as my mom! I want to eat caramel popcorn and play Monopoly. Glad you had fun. That's a long time indoors without Andrew. I guess that means he made it to the airport okay.

andrea said...

Grandpa--Andrew's writing a novel, but I think he prefers to keep it under wraps for now. We'll keep you posted when/if he finishes it.

Amy--Andrew spent Sat and Sun snowed in with us. He left for the airport Monday morning and we had our fingers crossed that the good old Honda would make it up our hill...and it did! Even though school was canceled Mon-Wed, we were able to get out a little bit.

Sandy said...

How are you printing up your blog?? I want to print up our family blog, but there are like 500 entries now...I"m a little scared about the work involved...