Sunday, January 31, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes--January

This month's edition is sparse.  And you could call it "The Whitney Show."  I didn't get a single quip from Brandon.  Hope you enjoy 5-year-old girl humor.  

1/10--At church today, Whit was sitting between Caroline and another adorable baby girl.  She said, "I'm surrounded by babies!"  Then paused and added, "I like babies."  Phew.  For a second there, it sounded like she was frightened.

1/11--Whit has a couple of imaginary friends.  There is a butterfly named Pinto and a miniature pony, also named Pinto.  She visits with them in her closet and sometimes in their "underground playhouse."  Today she told me, "My necklace is my iPod charger.  It's a clear iPod, so you can't see it.  Pinto's clear, too.  But if you whistle, he'll land on your finger." 

Pinto is smaller and less visible than this horse

1/11--W was playing on the computer this afternoon.  She gets very impatient if things don't load immediately when she clicks.  I was asking her to be patient and said, "Just wait a second.  It's thinking."  She said, "Computers can't think!"

1/17--Whit was talking to daddy before her bath tonight.  She was using her dreamy voice and said, "I love everybody in the world.  But I love Jesus and my family the most.  And I DON'T love Satan.  I don't like him one bit."

Loves her brother!
And everyone else.
Except Satan.

1/20--Caroline can be such a little badger.  While I wasn't looking, she managed to grab a clementine off the counter.  How do I know?

Because I found these peels on the floor.
And juice on my piano bench.

Oh, and she decided to share her spoils with Elmo.
Hope he likes citrus!

1/22--We went out for ice cream after dinner tonight.  Whit spilled some on her shirt.  When I mentioned the spot to her, she said, "That's not ice cream.  It's a birthmark."

Does Tide remove birthmarks?

1/30--Deep thoughts by Whitney: "Bread is toast...but colder."

Bonus Brandon pics
Self-portrait at his Dad's basketball game

Working on a science experiment for cub scouts.

Received 4 belt loops, a pin, and a golden arrow at pack meeting.
Way to go, B-train!

Bonus Caroline pics

Learning to dress up at a YOUNG age

Learns new words every day.
Her latest favorites:  Collin, orange, Mia, baby, Cuca,
a bar (for granola bars), and she calls her 
Baby Einstein videos "Two Apples"

Also this month, she learned the words "candy" and "money."
She knows exactly what they mean and uses them frequently.
We may have another Brandon on our hands.


Amber said...

I think Caroline had me laughing the most this month. I laughed out loud when I saw the orange in Elmo's mouth.

The Oregonians said...

Whitney's bread/toast observation is a real gem.
Thanks for sharing.

carmar76 said...

Elmo's oranges made me laugh. And I love Caroline's princess dress!

shelley said...

except satan. exactly right, whit. hahahahaha!

Ang said...

I love Pinto & his see-through iPod. And Caroline knows that both candy AND money indispensable vocabulary words!

Natalie said...

Whitney cracks me up. Stay away Satan! And how cute is Caroline sharing her clementine with Elmo?

Kiersten said...

Love it!
My favorite was the spill that she claimed as a birthmark.
Sometimes I feel like calling mine, What Isaac Says, he's a character!

Andrew said...

The clementine in Elmo's mouth was classic. Great post.

amy said...

Look at Caroline's hair in the dress up picture! When did it get so long with all those cute curls?

Macy was pretty excited to see Elmo on this post and it made me laugh too.

Grandma Sweawt said...

The oranges in Elmo's mouth made my day! And I loved the picture of Brandon in his Cub Scout uniform too - I remember meeting that cub Master when we came to visit you!
Grandma Sweat

Julia said...

I DON'T love Satan! I'm with Whit. That reminds me of when my brother Ben would chase me around the house with the Lucifer card from our Old Testament memory game taunting me saying "Lucifer! LUCIFER!" I would run screaming every time.