Sunday, January 24, 2010

Profile 2010: Me


Since I'm the blog author, my personality, quirks and opinions are scattered throughout my posts.  But it didn't seem right to leave myself out of the profiles, either.  So here we go.

Age:  32

Grade:  19th?

Is really good at:  having fun

Wishes she were better at:  disciplining my kids without getting mad at them

Favorite treat:  cheesecake

Favorite meal:  Grandma Cuca's chicken and rice served with beans and homemade tortillas

Best things about staying home:  getting to play with Caroline while the big kids are at school; experiencing B's and W's classrooms through volunteering; watching them run home from the bus to tell me about their days; meeting Andrew for lunch once a week.

Favorite pastimes:  reading blogs and books (latest favorite--Hunger Games); playing Singstar with Andrew when the kids are in bed;watching LOST, Survivor, and SYTYCD; hot tubbing (never thought I'd say that, but it's true!); taking a bazillion pictures of my kids; and my newest favorite:  bike riding

Favorite smell:  clean laundry

Favorite season:  spring

Trials endured in 2009:  English 312:  Persuasive Writing (but I just found out that I got an A!!!  All of those hours spent fretting over my keyboard were worth it!), frantically accumulating continuing ed credits to renew my dental hygiene license because I procrastinated until the last minute, fearing that Andrew was going to die during recovery from kidney stone surgery and then again from heart problems

Hopes for 2010:  Complete another independent study course for BYU (only 25 credits left to go), get exercise at least three days a week, take another summer road trip to meet FOUR new nieces and/or nephews that will be born this year, continue to find joy in my marriage and motherhood.


Drew said...

I. Heart. You.

(And I would have nailed the answers to these questions if this had been a test!)


amy said...

You have 4 new nieces/nephews being born this year? I can think of one (of course) who are the other 3?

So you like Hunger Games? Have you read Catching Fire yet? I can't wait for the 3rd book!

andrea said...

Amy--Destiny is due in May with a baby girl. Mark's wife, Taylor, will be having TWINS--due in July.

I LOVED Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Read them both during Christmas break and hardly put them down. Already passed them on to a friend who finished them both in record time. Can't wait for August!

Sandy said...

You are amazing, you know that? Even from afar I admire you - granted, you get to edit it all through your blog...but I suspect that you're still pretty awesome in person, too :)

Amber said...

Way to ace your Persuasive Writing class! I am amazed by your cross country journeys!

Ang said...

Love this, Andi! And you are really good at having fun.

The Oregonians said...

Hey, you and the NMH have so much fun together you'd better get a bicycle built for two.

All together now:

"Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do...."

Natalie said...

So is hunger games going to be our next book club book to read?

Grandma Sweat said...

What? Twins? Wow! Thanks for the fun read.
Grandma Sweat