Friday, January 08, 2010

Artsy kids

Andrew and I may be sorely lacking in the culture and refinement department, but our kids seem to be thriving regardless.

Whitney entered the Reflections contest at school this year.  It was a first for our family.  The theme for this year:  "Beauty is..."  She did a watercolor of a tree and rainbow.

Our little artist made it through to the county level.  Way to go, Miss Whit!  Only two paintings from her age group went through, so we were very proud of her.

For Christmas, Brandon gave Andrew and me a book of original poetry.  Here is a sampling.

North Carolina is my state
The people there are really great
there are mountains big and tall
at the beach we have a ball
I'm going soon and i cant wait

 I love my family you will see
they will never buy a wii
but they take me to the sea

dad is the best
he never rests
we love to play
and he never goes away

Always at home
Dr. Dre is her nickname
Rocks at cooking
Eats only low-sugar stuff
A fun person

I love this kid.


amy said...

Those are great poems! Your nickname is Dr. Dre? And going to the sea is much better than buying a Wii.

Great painting, Whit!

Marianne said...

Whoa!!! Your blog look has changed! I love the new family picture and you've added fun!!!

Amber said...

Wow, I am impressed with your budding artists. I learned a lot about you guys from B's poetry.

shelley said...

i love that you said your mom rocks at cooking. maybe one day my kids will say that to me, too. then they'll go out in the real world and realize how untrue that is.

carmar76 said...

Congrats to Whit & those are some great poems. Talented kids, they take after their parents!

The Oregonians said...

Of you
Nice people.

Natalie said...

Those poems are awesome! This is a side of B I never knew existed. And Whit's picture is so good! Way to go!

Drew said...

Brandon's little book of poetry was one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year. It's so fun to watch Whit paint, draw, dance and be creative. She must have picked that one up from your end of the DNA chain. But when she ends up six foot six, we can blame me for that.

Kiersten said...

Great stuff!

Grandma Sweat said...

Speaking of artistic, I love your new blog banner with the black and white picture of you guys!
Grandma Sweat

Ang said...

Love it! Talented kids.

andrea said...

Amy--I had a couple of high school friends who called me Dre and every once in a while Andrew will call me Dr. Dre. I thought it was hilarious that B picked up on that.

Grandpa--Maybe Brandon got his poetic side from you!

Sandy said...

Lovely artwork and fantastic poetry! My favorite was the "no wii" one, heehee! Apparently I'm the parent of the ONLY child in the first AND second grades who won't buy her child some sort of electronic gaming device... :)