Sunday, January 17, 2010

Profile 2010: Whitney

Whitney Amelia

Age:  5 1/2

Grade:  Kindergarten

A Few of Her Favorite Things:  jumping rope, watching PBS kids--especially Maya and Miguel, eating cookies that have M&M's

Is really good at:  writing

Wishes she was better at:  riding my two-wheel bike without training wheels

Favorite treat:  Cookie Crisp

Favorite game:  Zooreeka [by Cranium--like a kid's version of Settler's of Cataan]

Is scared of:  sharks

How tall she wants to be when she grows up:  18 feet tall

What she wants to be when she grows up:  I want to own a bank.  I'll have to give away a lot of money, but still, I want to.

If she could eat only one food for the rest of her life:  Mac and cheese

If she could pick another name:  Lily

One rule she would eliminate from our house if she could:  Do all the boring stuff like homework and chores before my video time

If she had a million dollars, the first thing she would buy:  all the toys in Target

How many kids she thinks she'll have:  Two.  Twin girls named Lucy and Lily.

My take on her:  Whitney is very loving and nurturing.  She is quick to compliment and makes those around her feel good.   Reading has come easily to her and she spends lots of quality time with books.  She is an indoor girl--would much rather color or play with dolls than go outside.  Music is a big part of her life,

 always singing

and dancing.

It's easy to forget that she has Duane's Syndrome.  When she was diagnosed five years ago, I feared that it would always be her defining characteristic--what people noticed about her first.  But with the help of Dr. Buckley, it has become a minor inconvenience at this point.  (Let's hope it stays that way!)  She is such a blessing in our family.


Anonymous said...

Whit I love the way you create your own dances! It's so fun to see your groove! Love ya, Gigi

amy said...

Her new haircut looks so cute! Do you like it? Does she like it?

Grandma Sweat said...

Whoa! I went to post a comment on Caroline and it's already Whitney's turn! I just love reading all this fun facts about your kids - they are fascinating.
Grandma Sweat

andrea said...

Amy--YES, we all love Whit's new haircut. There are a couple of girls in her class that have similar haircuts. I think she wanted to look like them. For several days she asked for it, and I was happy to oblige. Less hair-combing time for me, cute 'do for her. We're all winners!

Natalie said...

I love her description of a bank. It cracks me up!

The Oregonians said...

It's not fair. Brandon's profile gets 12 comments to Whitney's 5?
A beautifull girl who likes to sing and dance---who could ask for anything more?

G. Aunt Julie said...

Indeed, she is a beautiful singing and dancing girl. AND she loves to give compliments!! My favorite picture of Whitney is the one up against the rock wall. What a beauty!