Friday, January 22, 2010

Profile 2010: Andrew

Dennis Andrew

Age:  35

Grade:  AA?  MBA?

Favorite Sport:  Football to watch, basketball to play

Is really good at:  Fantasy sports

Wishes he was better at:  Playing the guitar

Favorite treat:  Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins

Favorite meal:  Big, fat, meaty crab legs

Best part about work:  Completing a large project that I thought was impossible

Favorite pastimes:  Hanging out with Andrea, watching Panthers games, and playing NCAA football on the PS2

Favorite smell:  The inside of a Subway restaurant

Favorite season:  Fall

Trials endured in 2009:  Herniated disc, sprained ankle, kidney stone, heart problem, and numerous changes and uncertainty and work

Hopes for 2010:  To not visit an emergency room; get in better shape by getting more sleep, snacking less, and bike riding; that the Panthers get a decent QB. 


Jayne said...

Love your new banner!
And Andrew is spot-on with the crab legs. I still can't believe that you don't like them. Not liking beef - that I get. But crab?!

Anonymous said...

Andrew, I hope all your "Hopes for 2010" happen for you! Love, GIGI

Anonymous said...

Definitely a man of good taste --
crab and ice cream.
G&G in Sandy

amy said...

I agree with Grandpa. Crab legs and peanut butter & chocolate ice cream from BR. Ahhhh....

Julie said...

Anderoooon! I hope all your health problems clear up for 2010! Chronic pain is such a drag.

Come and visit us sometime and we'll take you crabbing at Netarts Bay on the Oregon coast! (You pass the Tillamook cheese factory on the way where they have glorious Tillamook ice cream, too....and I'm sure peanut butter & chocolate is included).

Natalie said...

The smell of a Subway Restaurant? Really? Gross!

Sandy said...

I bet you guys have the same goal for 2010 as we do - DON'T meet the insurance deductible this year... :)

Mom said...

That's our boppy gaco! Andrew - we went to a Kinko's the other day that is in a strip mall next to a Subway and the Kinko's totally smelled like Subway. I will think of you now whenever I go either place!

Julia said...

Wow, I didn't know that Andrew had such a rough year health-wise. Get well soon cousin!

I just had a company dinner last night and took advantage of it by ordering Big Juicy Crab Legs. And had I been able to order BR Peanut Butter & Chocolate for dessert my life would have been complete.