Saturday, January 02, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes--December

Happy New Year!  

12/1--Brandon and Andrew got to have a boys' night out.  They did two of the manliest things they could think of--bought new basketball shoes and ate meat. At the restaurant, Brandon ordered a sirloin. The waiter turned to Andrew and said, "He'd like it cooked...." and paused for Andrew to choose rare, medium, or well.  Brandon hopped on the question and said, "Yes!"

Not a fan of raw meat 

12/11--We were walking through a parking lot when Whit asked, "Is it S.G. time?"
Me:  "What's S.G. time?"
W:  "Smelly Gas time."
I guess it usually is SG time in parking lots.

Maybe fairies have a heightened sense of smell

12/11--Whit read a book about stars and constellations.  When we were leaving the Christmas concert tonight, she looked up at the night sky and said, "I just wished on the Dog Star!"

If she wished for a tutu that could double as a headress,
it came true!

12/12--B was enjoying a post-basketball-game slurpee.  It must've been pretty dang good.  He said, "If slurpees went to school, I'd give this one a 200% in Tasting."

Thinking slurpee

12/15--Whitney's version of the lyrics for The 12 Days of Christmas: "...and a cartridge in a pear tree."

12/25--Below is Whit's letter to Santa.

"From Whitney
To Santa
Deer Santa
I love you
Santa you are nacse" [nice]

Is that the sweetest thing EVER?
She didn't ask for anything.

12/27--We were driving around looking at more Christmas lights.  On the way Whit said, "I want to go to another Grasshoppers [baseball] game."  Andrew asked her why.  She said, "So I can eat cotton candy and play on the playground."  I think he was hoping to hear her talk about how she enjoys the nuances of each pitch or the anticipation of a home run.  Nope.

It was more about the sugar.

The lights we saw were AMAZING.  They are on Ridgway Drive between Market St and Friendly.  The whole neighborhood hangs these huge lighted Christmas balls up in their trees.  After my failed attempt at outdoor tree decorating, I have even more admiration for how gorgeous it was.  Here's a little pic, but it does not capture the magic of the scene.

We were all entranced.  It felt like we were visiting another world.  As we were leaving, Brandon commented, "That wasn't hysterical.  That was historical."

Plays well with words

12/28--We have been eating so many treats this month.  We are out of control.  When Whit asked for another one this afternoon, I told her no, because we've had enough for today.  She said, "But December means sweets!"  She may have a point there.

12/29--Brandon got a sweet remote control car for Christmas that can drive on the walls.  Whitney got a zhu-zhu pet hamster.  Can you see where this is going?

They taped the hamster to the car.
They were hoping she could drive all over the walls,
but found that the hamster was too heavy.
The suction couldn't hold it up.

And now for the bonus Caroline pics:

She is going through a shoe phase.
Loves to wear any shoe she can find around the house.
Especially Whit's dress up heels.
(Love that hair, girl!)

When she first started, she would get frustrated easily
because she couldn't keep them on and would whine
the whole time.  Thank goodness she's finally getting the hang of it.
She loves the click-clack on the wood floors.

 All bundled up for walking group.

Getting snowed on

And, finally, two completely random photos.

B is pedaling an exercise bike that is powering Whit's blow dryer.
How do I get one of these for our house?
There's a way to save on power bills!

This one gets my vote for strangest picture of the year


Amber said...

Wow, what was the CSI van doing at your place. I liked Whit's letter to Santa.

Andi's Dad said...

"Cartridge" in a pear tree...

"Deer" Santa....

Were the reindeer safe in your neighborhood?

Hmmmmm Maybe that explains the CSI van?

Cute pics, love your blog.


Natalie said...

What is that van doing in front of your house? I loved Bs comment about wanting his meat cooked. So funny. And Whits about the Smelly Gas. Too funny!

shelley said...

"it's not hysterical, it's historical." hahahahaha!

fav caption:
"not a fan of raw meat"

admit it. you think of me every time now when you're brainstorming your hilarious captions. i know you do!

Andrew said...

The guy's night out to the restaurant with B was awesome. Another funny tidbit was that he tried to scheme a job as an Accountant at the restaurant when the owner came by to check in on us.


Ang said...

You know, a cartridge in a pear tree would be a more practical gift-giving solution.

And who knew there was a CSI: Greensboro? Maybe they can cast you as the adorable dental hygienist who can identify victims by their teeth.

Great list, as usual!

amy said...

That is the most random picture with the CSI van. Also, where were you that had an exercise bike powering the blow dryer? Macy loves shoes too!

Grandma Sweat said...

I am alternating between laughing out loud and chest-heaving chuckles - these were priceless. After reading your OOTMOB's book, I must comment on Brandon's steady use of percentages - isn't it cute! Love you guys and are so grateful to be able to share in your daily life in this blog!
Grandma Sweat

carmar76 said...

Great quotes & photos this month! And I like Ang's suggestion for your casting in CSI: Greensboro! : )

andrea said...

We found a set of keys and a broken garage door opener in our front yard. I left them there for a few days hoping the owner would find them, but no one claimed them. I called the police and they said they would send an officer to pick them up.

Who knew that was part of a CSI's job? You never see THAT one on the show, huh?

Destiny said...

I love that your kids are so imaginative. Love that you write down their sayings. One day I'll be like you. Until then, I sit back and get a good laugh.

Kiersten said...

Love these posts every month, and I'm pretty sure that December does me sweets!

Sandy said...

Yay! I love these posts!!