Sunday, December 27, 2009

Glimpses of Christmas

Christmas is the best. I love it. LOVE it. Here are some of the things I want to remember from Christmas 2009.


B's turn to put the star on the top

W and Dad in front of the finished product

A new addition--hanging ornaments above our kitchen island

I love snowglobes

The stockings were hung over the doorway with care...

This was my first year attempting to put lights in our tree.
As you can tell, I stunk.
I would crack up every time we drove home to this.
Maybe next year, I'll just do the trunk.

B's "holiday" music program at school.

Caroline's first time painting ornaments with us.
She thought the paint looked yummy.
She found out it wasn't.

Peanut butter blossoms
Mmmm....I wish I was eating some right now...

Lego advent calendar
The kids LOVED putting this together each night.

Driving around to look at lights.
Some friends told us about this home that choreographs
their lights to music. It was so fun.

I wanted to stay all night. I think we stayed for four songs.
Sorry about Caroline's screech in the middle.
That is the way our life sounds all the time.
When we are losing our hearing in our 50's, you'll know why.

Making gingerbread houses

Andrew went with a camping motif.

I love my little snowman.

Our gingerbread village

Artichokes with Christmas Eve dinner.

Merry Christmas!
Just before bed on Christmas Eve

The BIG day!
Whit got a zhu zhu pet.
She called it "Gray" for the first day.
And now she calls it Num Nums.
Tomorrow she may change her mind again.
It's a girl's prerogative!

Brandon got a Nintendo DS.
I have never seen a kid so excited about a gift.
There went a few more decibels off our hearing level.

Care Bear's favorite gift is this stroller.
She has already gnawed through the foam padding on the handle.
(We think she might be part goat.)
She gets very frustrated when she runs into obstacles
while pushing her baby, but still plays with it almost nonstop.

Hope you all had as much fun this Christmas as we did.


carmar76 said...

You guys look like you had lots of fun this Christmas! : )

I love driving around looking at Christmas lights, too. We took Leyton this year & he had a blast! He kept saying "oooh, look at those pretty lights!" Good times!

Happy New Year!


Natalie said...

You guys have so many fun traditions! That picture of Brandon opening up his gift is priceless! And it cracks me up how Caroline eats everything. She does it at my house too.

shelley said...

"that's just what our life sounds like." amen sista! we should set up a sound recording of our five kids together. i think people can hear them from virginia.

Andrew said...

Did Brandon somehow manage to unhinge his jaw in the DS picture like a python swallowing a pig?

Sawyers Family said...

I love the picture of Brandon...and Andrew's comment made me laugh out loud! Too funny!
Looks like your Christmas was a good one!

Grandma Sweat said...

There are so many delightful scenes and pictures that I want to comment on each one but now I can't remember them individually except that artichoke - gloriosky, what a beautiful presentation! Your Christmas looks divine. Wish we could have been there or you here but what a world that we can share it in this way!

Lora Jewett said...

Hi Andrea, Andy and Crew We got your blog address from Paul. How fun to see your family. We are happy that you had a great Christmas. We sent you an invitation to our blog. It will come in your e-mail. Love Lora

The Oregonians said...

We think your outdoor lights on the tree look very nice. Encourages the imagination.
Flamingo on one leg?
Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us. The kids are sure growing up, but not so fast that they can't still get excited over their new toys.
Happy New Year

Sandy said...

Where did you get the Lego advent calendar??! I must get one next year!

Looks like you had a great Christmas!

amy said...

That Lego calendar is a great idea! Brandon has always been so fun to watch open presents and your cookies look delicious. We missed seeing you guys, but it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.

amy said...

Also, I don't think Caroline is the only one in your family eating everything. What's in Whit's mouth in your family Christmas pic? (-:

andrea said...

Amy--You are SO observant! And you're right--all of my kids are very oral. I think that was a little purple hair clip in Whit's mouth. Maybe Caroline's learning by example.

Sandy--We got our advent calendar from a Lego store down in Charlotte, but they were actually selling them at Target in November. My store was out when I tried to grab one, though.

Aunt Julie said...

I have never, EVER seen anyone, adult or child, open their mouth so wide and square as your B-train upon getting his heart's desire: Nintendo DS. Woah, baby a roonie. Look down that gullet!!! He needs to be an opera singer!!!!