Wednesday, December 23, 2009

He shoots...and he scores!

Brandon's new basketball season is off to an exciting start. His team won their first game by two points and the second game ended in a tie, even after allowing all 10 players on the floor to shoot a free throw in lieu of overtime. He loves playing and we're having a blast watching him. Here are a couple highlights from his last game. He's #10, wearing red shorts.

Go, B-train!


The Oregonians said...

WOW. He can not only score, he can really move down the court!
Way to go Brandon.
Thanks for sharing.

Andi's Dad said...

Wow, Brandon is doing great. He has some good moves. It is kind of funny seeing those boys with the baggy shorts. But, over time things change, lol.

amy said...

You can just see how natural it is for him to hustle down the court and fight for the ball. And 12 of the 22 points! Way to go B!