Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes--November

11/1--Whitney totally made up for her anti-mom note last month. I found this envelope on my bed tonight.

She's off the naughty list.

11/3--Whit's obsession with Disney characters is growing up. I think she has graduated from princesses (although she hasn't given them up completely). Using her dreamiest voice today, she said, "Hannah Montana is the greatest star on earth."

What's next? Pirates of the Caribbean?

11/5--Brandon talks like an educated adult. It cracks me up. Two examples from today:

We were listening to an audio book in the car. One of the characters said, "Mom, she's torturing me!" Brandon corrected it, "No, she's antagonizing him."

He saw a Lego set in a magazine that he has never seen in a store. He said, "That Lego set in the Toys R Us catalog is as phony as a three-dollar bill!" Who talks like that?

11/5--Follow-up on the boy who has a crush on Whitney: I guess his mom volunteers in their classroom. This afternoon, Whit said, "Since Isaiah's Mom was in our room today, I wrote down my phone number on a piece of paper and gave it to her. You know, so we could have a play date."

11/11--Whit was adding lines to the children's book, I love you as much....
Here's what she said, "I love you as much as a lion loves his babies. I love you as much as Zeus loves Hades."

Future poet?

11/15--Whit at the dinner table: "Garbage trucks are so lucky. They come and take the trash away and I never see it again."
B: "Why is THAT lucky?"
Whit, after pondering for a minute: "Well, I guess I'm lucky because the trash is gone."

11/17--Brandon's in third grade. He has started asking me school questions that stump me. Thank goodness for Google. I can just look up the answers. (What did OUR parents do?) Today he asked, "Mom, is the point at the end of a cone a vertex?" Just wait till he's in high school, huh?

If we're rotating at .76 miles per hour, how long
many revolutions will we complete before we
all fall down?

11/22--Brandon was reading a little bio on NFL player Julius Peppers and decided, "Mom, I'm just like Julius Peppers! Neither of us likes mayo or mustard and we both like iPhones."

I can barely tell the difference.

Poor Caroline got the shaft this month. I didn't take any good pics of her. Here are the three best ones.

Not sure where she came up with this pose.

She looked SO cute in this dress Grandma Cuca
got her, but did NOT want her pic taken before church.

Trimming the tree


Amber said...

You guys have your tree up already? I feel like such a slacker! Oh, and I'm with Whit. I love garbage day.

Ang said...

Maybe Brandon will grow up to be an English teacher! Who likes iPhones! He'll be just like me! (Except the fact that I don't actually HAVE an iPhone, I just really really want one but won't buy one because it's a completely frivolous want.)

And Whit, we ARE so lucky to have garbage trucks. I read a true news story about an epidemic of garbage in the streets of Egypt because they slaughtered all the pigs out of swine flu fear--and the pigs had been the garbage-men! Now the garbage is just sitting there. This world!

And Caroline, you're s'dang cute in your dress, especially when you're mad. :-)

Natalie said...

Lots of good ones! I love that Whitney is distributing her telephone number and the trash comment is still cracking me up. Caroline crying in that beautiful dress is too funny.

amy said...

Whit knows about Zeus and Hades? Your kids are so knowledgeable.

Occasionally I enjoy a good crying picture. It's kinda cute when it's someone else's kid.

shelley said...

"i can barely tell the difference." andrea's at it again. you should have a post that is a collection of all your best caption quotes.

Andrew said...

Always love OOMB. I just hope Brandon ends up 6'7 280 like his long lost brother Julius Peppers.

carmar76 said...

These are always so much fun to read! Your kids are very witty. : )

Mom Sweat Peppers said...

Thanks for the hilarious OOTMOB's and the awesome pictures. And Andrew your Julius Peppers comment about Brandon's Julius Peppers comment made me laugh. I don't even know who Julius Peppers IS!
Love to you all,
Mom Sweat

Kiersten said...

Great post as always!
I agree...what would we do without Google :)