Saturday, December 19, 2009

You know you're from NC when...

a boogie board
is the closest thing you own to a sled.

And when you get a couple of inches of snow,
that's what your kids use to sled down the driveway.

After a couple of tries on their bellies,
They tried snow surfing.

I was relieved when no bones were broken.

Caroline was SO excited for her try.
B is such a good big brother.
She kept asking for "More! More!"

After B went in for hot cocoa, I pulled her
up and down the street. Who needs a sled?
We're into multi-purpose toys around here.

We're staying in town for Christmas this year.
My kids were SO sad that they were
going to miss out on the Utah snow.
(Not to mention our family!)
But looks like they might have a White Christmas anyway.

I would have preferred a nice balmy 60+ degree holiday,
but I have to admit that the snow sure is beautiful.


The Oregonians said...

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow."

Natalie said...

Yeah I kind of wish we had some sleds to go out sledding. It would have been fun. But I am with you. As soon as the snow was here, I was ready for it to be gone. When did I become such an adult?

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

We may not be able to leave the house for the next six days due to this epic three-inch blizzard. Quick! Go buy a generator and bread!

Destinee said...

This made me laugh right out loud because that is exactly what we used at our house for sledding purposes. We found sticking it in a garbage sack made things a little more exciting!!

Amber said...

A ha. That's what my neighbors were sledding on!

Paul & Daneen said...

I so want to go sledding now.

The Oregonians said...

That last shot is a beauty. What kind of berries are those?

andrea said...

I'm not positive, Grandpa. It's actually a big tree that grows in our front yard. I think it might be a Pyracantha.

Sandy said...

I prefer the 60 degree Christmases I grew up with in CA...I didn't know until I was like 15 that most people couldnt' go outside and ride their Christmas bikes for like 3 months after Christmas :)