Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Profile 2010: Brandon

Brandon Trey

Age:  8

Grade:  Third

Some of his favorite things to do:  build legos, read Fablehaven and Harry Potter, play video games (Bionicle and Lego), and play football and basketball

Favorite part of school:  recess--playing ball-tag-hide-and-go-seek

Favorite sport:  football

Is really good at:  math

Wishes he was better at:  eating broccoli and pasta

Favorite treat:  three chocolate ice cream with chocolate and M&M's

Scared of:  Whitney when she pops out of nowhere

How tall he wants to be when he grows up:  7 feet 0 inches

His dream job when he grows up:  Lego Technix set designer

If he could eat only one food for the rest of his life:  any flavor of ice cream

If he could choose a different name:  James

One rule he'd eliminate from our house:  doing chores and homework before video time

If he had a million dollars, the first thing he'd buy:  Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon set for five hundred bucks

If he could choose one subject to teach:  Math.  I bet I could teach a math class right now...for kindergarten.

My take on him:  Brandon is super smart and witty.  He is fiercely independent.  

He laughs easily and often.
 He can spend hours wrapped up in a good novel and is just as happy shooting hoops in the backyard. Caroline has earned a soft spot in his heart and he is a great helper with her.  He eats PB&J for lunch almost every day.  We never have to wake him up for school--he gets himself up, dressed, fed, and packs his lunch.  It is wonderful.   He wishes he still had friends in our neighborhood--all the boys his age have moved away.  He is enthralled with family history and researches it every time it's his turn to teach Family Home Evening.  He just learned to tie his shoes after years of lace-less ones.  He is full of life and we are never bored when Brandon is around. 

And for his adoring fans (read:  grandparents) here are the highlights from last week's b-ball game.


carmar76 said...

Brandon would make a great math teacher - or tutor for kdg kids who are struggling! : )

Anonymous said...

B-train, you are awesome! We love you soooo much!

Amber said...

Wow, that tv/game rule of yours sure is an unpopular one. I love your kids' profiles. Great idea.

Valley Mental Health employee said...

I just watched Brandon's basketball game video at work (since I am one of the adoring grandparents and I think I should be able to watch it on company time) and even though I don't have sound on my computer it was STILL thrilling. He's got some great moves, that boy.

Loved reading all of his wise and witty answers to your questions.
Grandma Sweat

Natalie said...

It cracks me up that he wants to be better at eating broccoli and pasta.

amy said...

Man! He's got that right-handed bank shot down like a pro!

Also, I like his hair in that first picture.

shelley said...

he is so handsome in that first picture! that is going in a wedding video montage one day for sure! and who answered the "what i wish i were better at" question - b or andi?! huh! fess up girl, you know it was you!

love money obsessed brandon. when i read the "what would you do w/ a million dollars" question on whit's profile, i rung my hands together in giddy anticipation for b's answer. he didn't disappoint - knowing exactly how much the millennium falcon costs. i bet he's googled it like 500 times in between all that he's always doing.

shelley said...

now, are you and andrew going to answer these same questions as well? i'm wringing my hands in anticipation for your "take" on andrew!

andrea said...

Amber--I know. What's a mom to do? My kids would be SO jealous of your boys if they knew they could just put in a DVD and watch it themselves. Without any chores first! :)

Shelley--If it were me answering what he could do better at it would probably involve peeing into and not around the toilet OR keeping his bedroom clean. I think he's pretty darn good at eating pasta.

And, yes, stay tuned for profiles on Andrew and myself. There are obviously some questions that won't apply. I don't think either of us are getting any taller at this point. And I hadn't thought about including my take on Andrew's blog. It would probably get all sappy. :)

Joey/Denny/Emma said...

Loved reading all of the kids' profiles. They are all fascinating little people!

andrea said...

Sorry. I didn't mean Andrew's BLOG, I meant his PROFILE.

rob, jax & max: the harmon squad said...

So I can totally relate to wanting the Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon set! (we're kind of huge lego fans in this house too, I think it just goes along with having boys [Rob included]) But the now have a mid-level set of the Millenium Falcon for only $40 (which is still an expensive toy, but at least attainable unlike the $500). I know that's on our list for the next birthday/holiday gift.

Andi's Dad said...

Is there a problem with the video? I tried to watch it in Foxfire and IE and it didn't work.

Cute pics and dialogue.


The Oregonians said...

If Brandon keeps making those shots you're going to have to start calling him by his middlename. (Or maybe "B-Trey"?

andrea said...

Dad--It's working on Firefox for me. Maybe give it another try?

G. Aunt Julie said...

That is totally amazing to me. Totally. It's like Andrew and Tony all over again. He's so agressive and unafraid! He just goes for it and pretends like there are no other people out there and is a virtual scoring machine! Way To Go, Brandon!!!!