Friday, June 25, 2010


My date night of choice is tennis with Andrew.  We love playing a set or two.  I have only won a single set against him ever, but my eternal optimism keeps me thinking that one of these nights I'll win again.  I may have gained the competitive advantage I needed this summer.  Nicolle invited me to play in a women's doubles league once a week.  It worked out perfectly because we have a third teammate, Jennifer, who will pick up the slack when the kids and I take off on our annual road trip. 

We've had two matches so far.  We got our tails kicked the first time:  6-0, 6-1.  But the ladies we played were GOOD.  Really good.  We heard they moved down to our beginner's division from the intermediate.  We're telling ourselves that rumor is true. 

I played with Jennifer this week and it was a super close match.  We lost the first set in a tie-breaker.  We started a second set.  It was my turn to serve.  The score was tied at deuce.  And we just kept going from advantage back to deuce.  Over and over and over again.  It was nearly as long as the record-setting Wimbledon match this week.  At least it felt like 10 hours.  I bet I served a hundred times.  And we won!  Woo hoo!  We were leading 1-0.  And our time was up.  We had to make room for the next set of ladies to play their matches.

Andrew and the kids watched our first match and he snapped some photos.

I've got a pretty mean first serve.
Too bad it's only in bounds about half the time.

I didn't realize I always held my left hand in a funky position.

Playing the net is new for me.
It's fun.
I need some practice.
  I had a couple of shots where 
I looked like a wounded gazelle.

Here's to hoping we can win our next one!


amy said...

I said your Hotel Indigo post made me jealous, well this takes the cake. How fun! For as happy as I am to be pregnant, I really really miss tennis. Why haven't I ever played with you? Maybe during your road trip we should. Your form on your serve looks great and you look pretty stylin' in the shades.

Natalie said...

So fun. Love seeing your action shots too.

The Oregonians said...

This gives new meaning to the line "Tennis, anyone?"
Thanks for sharing.

Andrew said...

Andrea - It was so much fun to watch you compete. And yes, you do have a wicked first serve.

Amy - You have probably never played Andrea because we really haven't seen you since...ummm....2002?

Julie said...

Andrea, you are amazing!!! What a great way to get exercise and keep in shape. Rock on!

Sandy said...

I'm impressed - the few times I have attempted tennis in my life - I NEVER hit the ball. Not ONCE...even when I was "serving". My aim is THAT bad.