Thursday, July 01, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes--June

6/1--At the water park, we noticed that the octopus only has six legs.  So much for the educational experience there.  Brandon informed us that we need to start calling it the "hexapus."

 Not scientifically accurate.

6/8--We were browsing the contents of our fridge and Caroline pointed out the eggs.  She said, "Chicken."  I assured her that, yes, our eggs came from chickens.  Then she asked, "Doggie eggs?"  Hmmm...nope, doggies don't lay eggs.

6/12--At our church summer picnic, the girls were exploring and playing with sticks.  Whit found one that was curved and called it her horse.  She rode it around for a while until Caroline stole it from her.  Being the resourceful girl that she is, Whit searched for a new stick to ride.  She didn't just find another horse.  Instead she told us, "I found a giraffe!"

Much taller than a horse

6/13--Caroline found the plastic part of Whit's ring pop.  She has been "sucking" on it while she walks around the house for the last several days.  
She calls it her binky.

6/13--Whit was cracking us up tonight.  We were playing Apples to Apples for big girl time.  She had a pair of sunglasses and told us they were her "studying glasses."  She wore them folded up on the neckline of her shirt until it was time for her to be judge, then she'd put them on to read her cards.  Then, once, when she had them on, she looked up and gasped, "Germs!"  Those are some powerful reading glasses if you can see germs with them.

6/16--Andrew was out of town for work tonight.  I took the easy way out and stopped at Taco Bell for dinner.  We decided to try those $2 meal deals.  I don't know how they can give you that much food for two bucks.  Brandon ordered a gordita, which he'd never had.  I was asking the kids, "How can they make money off of these meals?"  After B tried his gordita,  he had the answer, "I know how they make money off of these.  They just stuff all the leftover food that nobody wants into the gorditas."  Apparently not a fan.

 Run as fast as you can from a gordita!

6/16--Caroline loves coloring, especially with markers, which almost never happens.  Tonight she colored a picture and I asked her, "What did you color?"  I thought she might tell me it was an elephant or a giraffe.  Instead her big sis answered for her, "It's abstract art, Mom."

Future Picasso

6/17--Whit was running around the park with her little girlfriends.  I'm not sure exactly what they were playing, but I heard her shout, "Boys are poisonous!"  I guess we've reached THAT stage.

 Sassy, especially with her new 'do

6/20--Caroline has come up with the best silly face for the camera.
Love it!

6/25--W begged for me to buy kiwi at the grocery store today.  She either doesn't like kiwi or we picked a bad one.  When she finished eating it, she walked around slowly opening and closing her mouth and said, "My mouth tastes like moldy gingerbread."

Her angry eyes

6/25--Caroline got a Dora movie for her birthday that she LOVES.  (Thanks, Gigi!)  And its educational value is showing.  Today she walked up to her life jacket, pointed at it and said, 
"Angel fish."

Crazy ways my kids slept this month:
With the book still open.
Must have been a page-turner

In beanbag holding baby doll

With legs propped up on ladder.
Silly heads.


Natalie said...

Those sleeping pictures rock. So funny!

The Oregonians said...

Some great pictures. We can relate to the sleeping pictures...any time,any place, any position is fine with us.
Cute new hair do, Whitney.

Sandy said...

Love it!! Whitney's haircut is A.DOR.A.BLE!

Ang said...

Is it just me, or is Brandon, like, super smart? Great pics. What cute relatives I have.

Julie said...

Love the giraffe stick!! And all the other beautiful photos of your beautiful family. XOXO Aunt Julie

Kiersten said...