Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Long Haul: Louisville to Wichita, KS

You know what?  It wasn't so bad.  Having a non-driving day before AND after made this long day bearable.  I think I would maybe even do it again.  The worst part was a fight that Brandon and I got into over a kick in the shin, stolen pink lemonade, and a lost iPod.  But after a couple of hours, I got over.  And we found the iPod.

*Passed a truck like this:

What is the Ronald McDonald Show?  I was tempted to follow him and find out.  But he was driving too slow.  We've got places to go, people.

*Caroline's new obsessions:  Water towers and bridges.  She points out every one.  And on the way out of Louisville there are LOTS of bridges to note.  Water towers used to just blend into the landscape for me.  But not anymore.

*Most festive city name:  Santa Claus, Indiana

*Worst names for businesses:  Feedmill Restaurant and Sirloin Stockade restaurant.  Is it just me?  I don't want to feel like a farm animal when I go out to dinner. 

*I'm listening to a great audiobook when the kids are occupied.  It's called A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel.  (Thanks for the recommendation, Nicolle!)  It cracks me up.  What a fun way to pass the time.  Only now I finished it.  I need to find another good one.  Quick. 

*Brandon is reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  He loves it and is almost done.

*City I would least like to live on based solely on the name:  Burnt Prairie, Illinois.  Um, I'll take the Prairie that has not been through a fire recently, please.

*Stopped at a fun rest stop in what I thought was Missouri, but turned out to be Illinois.  They had a cute little playground that was mostly in the shade.  Met a cute Mormon mom with her three kids (what are the chances?)  and bonded over road trippin. 

Tire swing--weeee!

The kids discover that the top of these plants 
function just like a magic worm.

And they're free.
They each take a couple for the road.
Discover that they shrivel up within a couple of hours.
But were fun while they lasted.

*Passed a home that had stryofoam cups in the fence creating the message:  Become my facebook friend I-70 Fence Lady.  

That's one way to build your friends list.

*City most likely to make me think I've taken a terrible wrong turn somewhere:  Mexico, Missouri.

*Also had a great visit with Marianne and Patrick in Wichita.  Loved going to church with no responsibilities and Caroline even went to nursery just fine, so I could go to my classes and listen.  Ahhhhhhh.

Played games.

Read books.

Popped party poppers just for fun.


Natalie said...

You guys are true road trippers. I am glad things are going so well!

Ang said...

I love the styrofoam cups too. And I'm so glad you found the iPod! Keep road trippin, my road trippin hero!

Andrew said...

Mmmmmm.....Feedmill Restaurant and Sirloin Stockade restaurant...*drooling*.....

Kiersten said...

Love this post. You have such a creative way of journaling :)

Grandma Sweat said...

Thanks for keeping us updated! Love all of your comments and observations! I can feel you getting closer and closer to Utah! What a great trip so far. I just got off the phone with Amy and got filled in on all the fun from visiting with them in Denver. So glad you got to see them and they got to see you!
Grandma Sweat

carmar76 said...

The Feedmill actually has REALLY good food (or so I've heard). Love that popper picture!

Greg and Nicolle Sherwood said...

This post cracked me up! You make a cross-country road trip with children and no husband sound like fun, but I'm not falling for it! :)

Anonymous said...

It was nice that you commented on my fence. I do have 2 fan pages on Facebook, "I-70 Fence Lady" and "The Fence in St Charles with Cup Messages". My daughter diana and I have been posting messages since 2000. We love and are happy to know others like it too. Evelyn

scott davidson said...
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