Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer fun: June edition

I am LOVING this summer!  

Here are some of the things we did for fun in June.

We signed up for free summer bowling for the kids.  With shoe rentals, it still costs 8 bucks, but it got us out of the heat and the kids had fun. 

 Caroline won the first game.  Brandon won the second.

Whitney got a couple of strikes.
She was pumped.

Baby birds
We found these cuties in a nest right outside our door.  I was so excited!  We loved watching the mama and daddy birds bringing food for them.  And their little peeps were so endearing.  But then after a while they got louder and annoying.  And then all of a sudden they were gone.  And I miss them.

Toy Story 3
Took the kids to watch Toy Story.  We loved it.  We watched it in 2D, but the guy gave us 3D glasses.  Not sure why.  But they have special kid-sized glasses and Caroline looked so cute trying hers on pre-movie.

Father's Day
Had a great time celebrating Andrew and talking to both Grandpas.  We are blessed to have such great men in our family.

Free Ice Cream
Gotta love the summer reading program.  My kids, who would probably be reading just as much without the motivation of rewards, got coupons for free cones at Chik-fil-A from the library.  Went for dinner with Shelley and her girls and then dessert.  Yum!

Piano lessons
For the past few years, I've had the kids do school work on summer mornings before they use their video time.  This year, we decided to mix it up and throw piano lessons in as well.  I have been hesitant to teach them because I don't really know what I'm doing myself.  But I figured I could at least give then the basics.  So we started when school got out.  Brandon and Whit have a half hour piano lesson or three sheets of school work on alternating days.  It has gone so much better than I hoped for.  The kids complain about their school work (expected) but get excited for their piano lessons and hang in there for the whole half hour. (completely unexpected!) 

After a dental appointment for B, made a short visit to one of our favorite museums in Winston-Salem.  Had fun in the sports room, checking out indoor animal exhibits, and pushing this giant water sphere sculpture thingy.

Cub Scouts
B had his first scout day camp.  It went Monday through Friday, from 8 to 4.  I was afraid he would get bored of it and complain about going by the end.  But the people in charge of it were amazing.  They really know how to keep 7-10 year old boys happy for a week.  He got to shoot more BB guns, bows, and arrows.  They played a different team sport each day.  And they had water games and manly crafts.  He was in cub scout heaven.  I didn't attend with him, so don't have any pics from camp.  But here he is receiving some of his awards at Pack Meeting.

Looking forward to more fun in July and August!


Grandma Sweat said...

Oh what fun! Loved reading about everything you're doing - scout camp, the joy of bowling :), piano lessons - woo whooo for you, way to go!!! Brandon looks like the next generation of a great father in your father's day photo!. I had a robin's nest right outside my window this year at work and was in heaven. I brought binoculars to work and people would walk into my office with official things on their mind and catch me looking like a peeping Tom looking into the parking lot through binoculars. I also have to beat my dad to the punch about the life cycle of baby birds as it relates to raising children!! (just kidding, I think kids just get better and better as they get older, even through that gangly, toothless 7-year-old stretch!
Grandma Sweat

Natalie said...

Those baby birds are so cute! You guys sure do know how to have fun during the summer months!