Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer fun: July pre-road trip

The kids and I are taking off on another one of our cross-country road trips soon.  Yippee!  Thought I better document some of the fun we've been having in July before we take off.

Jumping Rope

Fourth of July Party at Miss Shelley's
Played with water balloons

Got wet.

Patriotic parade.

Water Park
We have spent many, many hot summer days here.
My crazy kids get bored (bored????) when I take just them.
They're happy when Lauren and Leann meet us there.
Caroline and Lauren are so cute together.

Weee!  B on the Scooter Run.

Jamestown Fourth of July Parade
After our negative experience at the Greensboro parade a
few years ago, we head down to Jamestown instead.
It is a cute and super short parade.
Perfect for Caroline's attention span.

Fireworks at Home
We thought about going out to watch one of the big shows.
But then Caroline refused to take a nap.
AND we worked out a deal with Michael and Shelley
so that we could go watch Eclipse.
Alright, kids, we're just doing our own fireworks here at home.

The girls watched from the comfort of the front lawn.

The boys put on a great little show for us.
And we finished in time for bed.
Woo hoo!

B's birthday
Had a low-key celebration for the birthday boy here at home.
He got a new video game and just wanted unlimited video time.

He also got an erector set and built this cool helicopter with moving rotor.

Natural Science Center:  Greensboro
We decided to head here on Andrew's Monday off.

The peacock was showing off.

Caroline LOVES him.

Pulling Teeth
I probably shouldn't include this in the summer "fun" post.
As much as I love dentistry, I understand that there are some
visits that are just painful.
B had a consult with an orthodontist who recommended
removing two primary canines to give him a little more room.
He was a brave kid and hardly complained.

I'm still getting used to his new smile with those big gaps.
He already spent his tooth fairy money.  On candy.

Museum of Life and Science:  Durham
Bea and I have been trying to get together all summer
but our schedules have just not matched up.
We finally found a day that worked and decided to take
our seven kids up to Durham.

They're a good looking bunch.
This was my first visit to this museum and it was awesome.
I HIGHLY recommend it.
It is is not cheap.  I paid $40 for me and my kids.
And they don't reciprocate with our local science center. Boo.
But it is a fabulous museum.
We stayed from 10:30 until they closed at 5.
And I still had to drag Caroline out kicking and screaming.

The boys loved the bug exhibit.
Especially this roach collection where they eagerly
watched a bug get eaten alive.
Made my stomach turn.
Fascinated these three.

Caroline had fun banging away on the outdoor drum set.

I was having LOST flashbacks when Whit conjured
up this smoke monster.  Aaaaagggghhhh!

The sailboat pond was a big hit.
I wish the weather would have been a little cooler.
It was HOT and humid.
But we spent a lot of time in the shade while the kids
sailed these remote control boats all around the pond.

What a relaxing spot.
B-train took his sailing seriously.

We've had so much fun, but now it's time to get to work.
Packing, laundry, maintenance on the van.
Lots to do before we leave in a few days!


Natalie said...

So much fun you guys have been having! I love the museum of life and science! That is where I grew up going as a kid. Can't wait to take FInley when he gets older.

Grandma Sweat said...

Wow - that museum sounds like it's world class! Loved the pictures of the 4th of July and I think Whitney looks so chic in her new haircut. Can't wait to see everyone soon!
Love to you all,
Grandma Sweat

carmar76 said...

Aack! Smokey! (Oh my heck, I miss Lost!)

Can't wait for road trip blogs! Be safe! : )

Sandy said...

You guys have been busy! I'm glad you posted the tooth pictures...Kimball has to get 2 pulled today to make way for braces in 2 weeks (ah!) - I just showed her the "brave kid" who did it already :)

Julia Warren said...

I aspire to one day be the kind of mom that takes her kids on cross-country road trips. That sounds like a blast.

Love Whit's haircut.

dave said...

Dentists are evil.

Jayne said...

Safe travels, friend. See you when you get back!