Monday, July 05, 2010

Nine year old Brandon

Brandon turned nine this week.  Nine!  Only one more year until he hits double digits.  Wow.  In some ways he already seems like a teenager.  And other times I can still see the little chubby-cheeked toddler behind his giggles. 

*This kid is an avid reader.  Insatiable.  We have similar taste in books, too.  So it's fun to discuss Harry Potter and Fablehaven and share inside jokes.  I think Harry Potter is his favorite series.  He's read the first one multiple times and just re-read the third volume in preparation for the road trip when we're finally letting him read volume four:  Goblet of Fire.  He's pumped!

*His other favorite pastime:  video games.  He plays both his DS and our Playstation about equally.  Some of his favorite games:  Lego Harry Potter (Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!), Lego Star Wars, Corvette Racing, and Madden.

*Is an amazing big brother to Caroline.  He reads to her, plays hide and seek with her, makes her laugh, gets her milk cup in the morning if Andrew and I are still in sweet.  It warms my heart to see his nurturing side.

*Continues to wake up around 6:30 every morning.  I keep thinking that one of these days he will start sleeping in, but no luck on that so far.  He's super independent.  Gets his breakfast, does his chores, or just hangs out reading.

*Has a contagious laugh that he shares freely.  This is a boy who loves to have fun.  His energy is boundless.

*Has yet to meet a sport that he doesn't like.  He has even invented a few of his own.  A family favorite right now:  bum ball.  A variation of indoor soccer where you have to keep your bum on the floor at all times. 

*Has fun working on cub scouts.  I think he's most proud of earning his Video Games belt loop and pin. 

*Eats small portions at meal times.  He's picky like me, but knows he's not getting his own separate meal prepared, so he eats enough to stave off hunger and snacks between meals.

*Is taking piano lessons from me this summer and is catching on quickly.  I love hearing him playing songs by himself throughout the day.

I can't imagine our family without Brandon's enthusiasm and zest for life.  We love you, buddy!


Destinee said...

Happy birthday, Brandon!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Brandon! He is such a great kid!

Kiersten said...

Sounds like a great kid...but of course he is with such great parents :)

Sandy said...

What a great kid! Happy birthday!

(And Andi...I want to know more about what your'e doing for your piano lessons...I started doing them with the girls and so far we've done 2 lessons a like 5 months. Yikes...)

The Oregonians said...

(And many more.)
Way to go on the piano, Brandon.

Joey/Denny/Emma said...

Hope you had a great birthday, Brandon. It was fun to read all of these interesting things about you.

Ang said...

Happy Birthday B! We love you!

Andrew said...

I still can't believe he's already nine! I've loved reading Ender's Game together with him this summer and seeing how much he enjoys archery and BB Gun shooting at Scouts. It is so much fun to live and learn along with this kid!

amy said...

Happy Birthday, B!

carmar76 said...

happy birthday to brandon! he sounds like such a fun & happy kid! (plus, he gets his own breakfast & doesn't bug you in the morning when he wakes up that early? kid's a genius!)

Anonymous said...

Brandon, can't believe you are already 9. We love you and can hardly wait to see you! Gigi & Grandpa